Bloodline Season 3 Release Date Date and News – Season 4 Cancelled


When we talk about a warm and careful family, in whose house you feel at home and who are always there to help you, you immediately think of the Rayburns, don’t you? They are the nicest people in the world, you would think, but they do have a dark history.

The Rayburns are the focus of the American thriller-drama TV Show Bloodline which airs on Netflix. The series follows the life of the family as their dark secrets are slowly being revealed one by one. It has been well-received and praised for various aspects, particularly for managing to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats. Here’s how Rotten Tomatoes describes the show: “While Bloodline’s tricky timeline detracts from the potency of the story and its characters, the show remains an addictive, tightly drawn brainteaser framed on a believable canvas.”

Bearing in mind the fact that the two seasons released so far have proved to be so popular, we can’t help but wonder, why will the upcoming Season 3 be the show’s finale? Furthermore, it has recently been announced that even the third season, which is set to come out this year, will not comprise 13 episodes, as initially planned, but only 10 instead. Some sources suggest that the reasons are threefold. Firstly, the producers were forced to cut the Season 3 episodes to ten because of the licensing fees on the show.

Secondly, money has become a great issue, since the series is filmed in the Keys, which is rather expensive. Todd A. Kessler, the executive producer of the show, explained it like this: “We decided to set the show there … because it’s crucial to what the show is, not because of the tax incentive, but it does affect things financially for us and the show will be challenged because of that. It makes things more difficult.”

Finally, the third reason is the very plot of the series. It seems that the story is simply coming to an end, with no further turns of events. Daniel Zelman said: “Even when we pitched the show we had ideas for what five, six seasons of the show could be because that was very important to us to think about ‘how does this evolve season by season?’”

For the time being, Bloodline Season 3 is speculated to be released in July next year. We promise we’ll let you know as soon as we find out more reliable info.