Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention


The more loyal customers feel to your business, the more likely they return to you for more purchases and recommend you to others. They are one of the most valuable assets of your business as they keep your revenues flowing. They buy more from your business than others and can also serve as brand advocates. Getting your business recommended by your customers is a good sign your brand is being trusted.

If you also need to boost your customer loyalty and retention, here are the proven ways you can do this greatly.

Make customer service a priority

According to research, almost 76 % of customers believe that the customer services department of the company shows how much they are and value their consumers. If you want them to be loyal to your brand, provide them with excellent services. Whether it is a query on social media or in-house complaints, make customer service a priority and resolve their queries as soon as possible. Customers assess every communication or interaction with your business before making a decision call about your business. Hire friendly and efficient service representatives for your business to support your consumers in the best possible way. Solve their issues in a timely manner and make them feel valued whenever they contact you.

Reward your customers

Rewarding your customers for their loyalty with your business is one of the best ways to keep them visiting your business again and again for more purchases. Investing in consumer loyalty software like RoboRewards is a great way to make your loyalty program successful and to keep your customers coming back. They are more likely to buy from a business that offers a loyalty program. as they can choose anyone to spend their money, but they have chosen you, you should appreciate them via a loyalty program to show that you value them. So, develop a program to reward your consumers and make them feel valued and appreciated.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content not only builds customer trust but can lead to the loyalty as well. By having more people serving as your brand advocates, you can have more new ones for your products or services by using Growave on Shoopify. You can share user-generated content on your social media profiles or business website to appreciate their word of mouth and to make them feel valued. You can also give them a place on your website where they can express themselves while promoting your products. Use of tools like Google alerts is the best way to find out people talking about your brand and share their views about your business on the website or social media profiles as social proof.

Ask for Customer Advice


Having a community around your brand or business is very important in this digital business landscape. Most of the giant brands and organizations are created around communities. When customers feel welcomed and the reviews are appreciated as well, they are more likely to support and recommend your business to others. That’s why, ask for the advice and consider their ideas to improve your products and services for increased satisfaction. Provide them with digital platforms like Facebook groups where they can talk about your products and business. You can also ask them to fill an online satisfaction survey to check whether they were satisfied with the customer services provided by your company or not. Also, entice your consumers to write reviews and testimonials on review websites like Yelp.

Connect with them on a more personal level

If you just connect and engage with your customers just to ask them for buying your products, it would be difficult for you to keep them around for longer. Try to connect them on a more personal level and know more about them. Send them personalized emails on their special days like birthday, anniversary, or any other big day to make them feel special. Host customer appreciates events if possible as it shows your gratitude and makes them feel valued.

Create ongoing engagement

Don’t just call your customers when it is the renewal time or you have launched a new product. Instead, create ongoing engagement with them so they realize that you are not connecting with them just to make sales. They are not always looking for financial rewards but a gentle touch for asking how they are doing can make them feel special. Building personal relationships with customers is a great way to boost loyalty with your brand. It is a human element that enables you to build strong and lasting relationships.

Remembering the little things can go a long way

As it is mentioned above, sending them personalized messages on their big days like birthday, anniversary or other life events is a great way to build emotional connections with customers and to make them loyal to your brand. A simple thank you note to a new one, asking a genuine question, and remembering details about them are some of the easy yet most effective ways to keep them around for a long haul.

Technology is good, but the human touch is great


In this digital world, more and more businesses are dependent on advanced technology when it comes to providing customer services. But there are many areas where a chatbot cannot answer all the queries in a great way. One on one interaction with consumers and listening to them in person make them feel relax when they are telling you about their issues. A gentle human voice allows them to explain their issues in a detailed manner. Chatbot integration to your consumer services department is a great idea to make your business accessible 24/7 but listening to them personally is a superb way to build trust and loyalty.

Make life easier for them

Don’t always be worried about generating more sales. But provide them useful information, ideas, and tips to help them resolve issues and problems they are facing. For instance, if you are offering home improvement products or services, write informative and problem-solving content related to home improvement, and create interesting YouTube videos to make life easier for them. It will show that you care and value your customers.