12 Creative Ways To Generate Killer Ideas


Colonel Sanders founded KFC in his 60s. Oyo Hotels and Rooms Company were set up by Ritesh Agarwal in his 20s from scratch.

What is common in both of them?

They all began with a simple idea. One idea. Which changed everything.

And today we’re going to be talking about exactly that, how to generate new ideas which can be the next big thing in this modern age.

Because creating new ideas is basically a skill. Which means it can be practiced and honed over time.

Here are some really creative ways through which you can generate killer ideas.

Employ Idea Management Platforms

Idea management software is a space for generating new ideas and pushing towards innovations. In these platforms, insights and feedback are collected from your organizational network and the ideas are selected. This helps you find that next big thing! A great example of an idea management platform is IdeaScale.


2. Listen to People

Now this might sound very fundamental, and perhaps unnecessary, but you’d be surprised by the number of ideas you can come up with by simply listening to your customers.

Are many of your customers suggesting the same thing? Do something about it. Listen to people, see what features they want, or what problems they’re facing, and you’d have a bunch of new ideas you can instantly work upon.

3. Read Books


Successful people are voracious readers. Period.

And it’s not just business or self help books, books of any genre helps in broadening your horizons and expanding your limits. Read anything and everything, from fantasy to a mystery to biographies to economics, and you just never know when an idea clicks in your head, perhaps inspired by a fusion of the books that you’ve read.

4. Get a Fresh Perspective

Sometimes working too much clogs up your mind, making it hard for you to get innovative ideas. At that time, it is best to get an outsider’s opinion. That new perspective can create all the difference!

Share your thoughts with someone who’s not very familiar with your line of work, and try to make them question you. Whether you are with a stranger at a grocery line, or at a dinner with friends, ask right away!

And even if you are alone and have no one around who can play the role of an outsider, try pretending to be one yourself. And try to think from their perspective. You never know when you might stumble across an idea.

5. Remove Things That Annoy You

I don’t mean the people around you, of course. What I mean is that you should keep track of things that annoy you in your work. Chances are pretty high that these same things cause problems to others as well. So make sure to work on it, find new solutions and upgrade your service or product accordingly.

6. Take a Break


As the character Jason Bourne says several times in the popular Bourne trilogy written by Robert Ludlum, ”Sleep is a weapon”. And it actually is!

Sometimes all it takes to get back at your work with a rejuvenated mindset is taking a break from your busy lifestyle. Go on vacations, or do whatever you like doing the most. Even if you can’t leave your work for long, take a bath. Take your dog for a walk. Do the usual household chores. You’ll feel better, relaxed. And that is precisely the mindset you need for the next big idea!

7. Take Professional Help

We all have been in that place. Deadlines are approaching, your mind refuses to work, and you are completely stuck. A wise decision to take in such cases is to hire professional consultants.

You might get some new, better ideas. And more often than not, you won’t even require ideas from their side. They just ask you the right questions which help you unlock that idea which was hidden somewhere in your brain.

8. Be Creative

This one is very obvious, I know.

But what I actually mean here is that, you should have a specific time in your work schedule when you just analyze the problems and try finding solutions. While doing so, try creating new ideas. Anything. And write it down.

When it’ll become a part of your daily routine, that particular gesture (wearing a dress or sitting in a particular position) will arouse a certain temperament every time within you, helping you to brainstorm and come up with some great ideas.

9. Search The Internet


Sometimes just looking for the related terms on a search engine might give rise to a great idea!

So don’t shy away, just type the terms and see for yourself the magic which the internet brings for you.

10. Borrow An Idea

Unlike the general perception that an idea has to be unique, we all know that there are several other businesses operating in the same sector that we work in. In fact, businesses have more similarities than differences.

Observe the solutions being used by other businesses and try to apply them in your context. By the time you use the idea, it would have been adapted according to your needs, and hence would be a unique idea in itself.

11. Delete Everything

Many times, our biases and perceptions cloud our thinking. At that point, it is necessary that you forget your notions, and start in a fresh manner. Be open towards everything coming your way, and who knows what you may find in the process!

12. Carry a Notebook


This is very important! Wherever you are, keep a pen and notepad within your reach. There are fewer things that are worse than getting a great idea and losing it just because you didn’t have anything to write it on.

Any idea pops up in your brain, for better or worse, make sure to write it. If you’re in a bathroom, type it in your phone. But make sure to never let it go to waste.


And as we approach the end of this article, I encourage you and wish you loads of luck for your endeavour.

Be patient, be persistent and be creative. And I’m very sure that the next idea is very close to you, waiting to be grabbed.