How Does A Brand Know When The Price Is Right?

Price, brand loyalty, and value are three major determinants of the customer purchase decision. According to a survey conducted by Wiser, 96% of people compare prices before making a purchase decision. The same survey found that 31% of people admit price comparison is the most important part of shopping. So yes, your price strategy matters and as a brand, you need to price your products right. If you price your items too low, consumers will associate your brand with low-quality products. If you price your items too high, then you might not have enough takers and your competition might steal away your potential customers. Price can make or break your business.

How To Measure Effectiveness Of Price?

But how do you know that the price you are setting for your products is correct in-store and online? That is a tough question to answer because you need to constantly monitor to check whether your strategy is working. You can do this with the help of price monitoring software. You can do without one but that process will be cumbersome, time-consuming, and effort-inducing. If you want to save time, effort, and costs while increasing productivity, then choosing a price monitoring tool is vital for your business. This can help you make the correct decisions while measuring the success of your pricing strategies. To get more information regarding how to maximize profit using a price monitoring software visit this site.

How Price Monitoring Software Can Help

Here are ways in which price monitoring software can help you and your business ensure the price you set is accurate.

Tracking Competitor Moves

Real-time price monitoring software enables you to keep track of what your competitor is doing. This includes promotions, discounts, price changes, and more.  When you track your competitor and how he is doing things differently, you are able to better understand how you fare in comparison to them. Price monitoring tools enable you to get an idea about product assortment in relation to price and how your competition is doing in this department.

Monitor New Sellers

You should always know about new sellers who have entered the market. A price monitoring software tool allows you to track new competition with ease. It can give you information about the prices of the new sellers and whether consumers are flocking to the new sellers. You want to know about new sellers because they might pose a greater threat to you. They can change the dynamics of the market you operate in. When you have a tool, you know what price to set and stay competitive.

Insights Through Reports

A price monitoring software tool can help you make wise decisions based on the reports generated. When you get personalized business reports, it makes it easier for you to make pricing decisions based on that which will take your business in the direction of success. The software can help you understand the price difference according to the same products and similar products. These reports provide detailed insights that will help your business in the short term and long term.

Window Of Opportunities

When you use price monitoring software, you can look for opportunities where your products can shine. For example, with the software, you can look at the competitor price changes that have occurred and how you can make the most of an available gap. This is possible with software that provides real-time data so your business can strategically act upon it and make use of the opportunity. You can thereby increase profits with the help of the software tool.

Understand Trends

Adjusting your product prices is a tough decision and many factors are at play. But with a price monitoring software tool, this can become easier because you get to look at the pricing trends and their effects. The software can show you historical pricing data so you can understand the patterns and how successful they were. The software can help you track how your competitor responded to price changes from other retailers, and this can help you gain valuable insights into pricing.

Spot Low-Margin Products

The market can get crowded when there are more sellers for a particular product. A price monitoring software can help you know when this is the case so you can decide how you wish to stay competitive. It can help you spot low-margin products that you are currently selling. Then, you can either focus on other products that have better margins or you can divert to product differentiation to ensure you stay competitive.

Reach Business Goals

Prediction won’t take you a long way unless solid data backs it up. Using a price monitoring software tool can help you predict accurately. You will be able to view how certain situations in the past affected consumers and how your competition responded with respect to price. This can help you carefully plan your product pricing and use methods that will work. With the help of the software, you are more likely to reach your goals quicker and more efficiently.

Give Customers The Best Price

You want to stay ahead of your competition and using the best price monitoring software tool can help you do that. You can set prices that your consumers will love while protecting your profit margins and staying competitive at the same time. You don’t want to offer prices that are so low that your consumers start to question your brand’s credibility and so using insights from the software can help you win always without compromise.

Maintain Brand Reputation

When your product pricing is inconsistent, your customers will notice and this can directly impact your brand reputation. A price monitoring software tool can help ensure you don’t make the mistake of inconsistently pricing your products. Software insights will help you price your products so you don’t lose out on your profit nor your brand’s reputation. The tool can help you understand what you do well and ensure your customers are willing to pay the price for your products.


If you want to incorporate efficiency in your business, then choosing the best price monitoring tool is key. There are numerous price monitoring tools available that help you track competitor prices, scan markets for valuable insights, and let you know how you can profit by a certain utilizing price strategy. An example is Inoptimizer by Intelligence Node. Regardless of which industry you are working in, it is important that you get a trial and/or ask for a demo to ensure the price monitoring software you choose is suitable for your business. It will be one of the best decisions because it will ensure you make the right pricing decisions that are key to sales and success.