6 Tips to Improve Your Chances of Winning at Online Slots


One of the most fun things you can do at a casino is to play the slot machines. These machines usually feature a screen with three, four, or more reel that you can spin. Once all of those reels line up with the same icon, usually a certain fruit, a person wins. Different fruits deliver different winnings. For example, getting three lemons in a row will get you the jackpot while three oranges will get you only half of the jackpot, etc.


Believe it or not, but these fruit machines deliver a huge percentage to the total income of the casino industry. They are the most popular gambling game wherever you go.

However, traveling every single day just to get a casino can get a bit boring and frustrating. Why should you spend time driving and cash on gas when you can spin these fruit machines from the comfort of your own home? That’s right, most online casinos do have slot machines on their website. These types of websites come in handy, especially in these times when most of us are stuck at home during self-isolation.

Keep in mind, just because you are playing on online slots, does not mean that their difficulty is reduced or something like that. It is important to have strategies ready to improve your chances of winning. Here are some tips to help you dominate the slots game.

Pick the right online slots


Before you start depositing money on some random website you have found on Google, I would recommend that you do some research first. There are thousands of sites out there that offer this type of game and it is important that you find the right one, especially if you plan on making money from it.

There are many games out there that are adjusted to have a lower payout rate than others. Of course, you might still be lucky and get a jackpot on your first spin, but statistically, your chances of winning are much lower. But, why should you try out your luck when you can just a fruit machine that will have a much higher return to player rate. You can use any of the search engines to find this kind of information. There might be some websites that do not share this kind of information, so you should probably avoid those.

Create an account


Many online casinos will let you deposit cash without ever creating an account. All you will need is your credit card information and the will to play their games.

While saving time on creating an account might seem like a no-brainer, there are actually tons of other benefits you would get from creating one. Many sites out there will provide you with all kinds of deals, packages, and offers to keep you interested in their games. Some will provide you with bonus spins, others with high chances of winning, and so on.

Some might even provide you with a deposit bonus on your account. For example, you add $10 and get $5 extra to keep you playing on their webpage. The bonus will usually vary, but it can be anything between $1 and $20.

Compare multipliers

Considering how many online casinos are out there on the internet, it is normal that you will have a hard time deciding which one is the best. You probably think that it does not really matter which one you choose because they will provide you with the same experience. Yes, they might provide you with the same spin experience, but some have much better multipliers than others.

So, before you go and create an account, make sure you open up a couple of websites and check their multipliers. Pick the one with the highest one if you want to make the most out of your cash. If you can’t seem to find an online casino with high multiplier slots, you should check out playrealmoneyslots.


Use those free spins

Most of the time, after creating an account, the company will provide you with a couple of free spins as a sign of faith. Some will even provide you with free spins on a daily basis if you re-login every single day. The more consistent you are with your logins, the better the reward. I would recommend that you do a daily check to see whether you have any free or extra spins left because even those might get you the jackpot you have been chasing.

Betting on max or min

This has been a thing many gamblers have been wondering about. Some will claim that betting on max will actually net you more wins overall which would ultimately lead to more profits. Others will claim that betting the minimum amount will get you more spins overall, increasing your chances of winning.

Unfortunately, there is no exact answer or statistic regarding this question. While it is true that betting more or at max will provide you with a better payout, but the number of spins you get throughout the game will be much lower. You might lose every single time, losing every single penny you have.

It is best that you create a balance between the bets. When you first start the game, I would recommend wagering with a low amount and then slowly pushing to higher amounts. If you see that you are constantly losing, you should go back to a lower wager.

Play for fun

If all of these tips seem too bothersome then just relax and have some fun. Don’t worry about the multipliers of the slot machine you have chosen, about creating an account, or about how much you should be wagering. Just enjoy your time and you might even get a payout at the end of the day. If you do win, it is a win-win situation. If you do not, you still had fun which is the important thing.

There are tons of other things you should to do increase your chances of winning slots, but I believe that these tips are the most useful.