Everything you Need to Know to Win Baccarat


Baccarat is a game of chance that is played in a kidney-like table. It is highly popular in Asia and many European countries. This game consists of three fields namely Bankers, Players and Tie Bet field. It’s up to you to decide which variant to use before delving into this chance-based game. Baccarat is one of the magnificent games that have the players’ edge. Compared to the rest of the games, this is the best game with the highest odds to win. However, winning the odds is not that easy. You first need to learn about the game and the best strategies that place you at an advantage. One of the best websites for that is 918kiss casino.


What is Baccarat and How to Win It?

Baccarat is a gambling game that gives the house a lower edge as compared to other slot games. To win in the game, you need to start in the right manner. This means that there are tips you should use to avoid running after losses all the time. Like other slot games, baccarat requires you to have a money management plan. Know when to stop placing the bets on the game. You decide on this before embarking on the game. This is because upon starting, the thrill, the rush, and the excitement in the game might carry you away.

You should also apply strategies such as the basic baccarat strategy and the card counting strategy.

What Strategies People Use to Win Baccarat


Playing baccarat yields positive results when you apply baccarat strategies from the start. Here are the strategies you should use to win baccarat;

  1. The basic baccarat strategy

This strategy is also known as the flat betting strategy. It insists on using the banker’s variant right from the word go. Think about the house edge as follows; banker-1.06%, player- 1.24%, and tie bet 14.36%. Since the banker’s bet is the most-friendly variant. Therefore, you should use it to win although you must leave a 5% commission to the casino.

In the basic strategy, you need to bet with the banker’s variant throughout. Ensure you ignore the other two since the banker’s has the lowest house edge. Eventually, you will win and your bets will finally pay off. This, of course, involves betting with the same amount throughout.

  1. The Card counting strategy

The Card counting strategy might seem like a complicated mathematical formula. However, it’s a simple strategy that entails subtraction and addition. Card counting is used to determine whether it’s the player or the banker’s variant who is at an advantage to win the best. To use the card counting strategy, you need to know some basics. The first is to ensure that you are playing on 6-deck shoe or an 8-deck shoe. An exception to this is not applicable. Second, ensure that the shoe is fresh before you start counting. Otherwise, the whole system will fall apart. In fact, for online baccarat, you have to wait for a good 30 minutes to start over again.

Card counting tells you whether to place bets on the player or the banker. So, a count lower than 16 means a banker’s bet is better and higher than 16 means a player’s bet is favorable.

Where to Practice Baccarat Skills on the Web


Baccarat lovers can practice baccarat skills in Gclub Casino available on all phones, tablets and desktop PCs. The game is available on popular internet browsers such as Chrome Firefox, Safari, and Opera. The best thing about this free baccarat trial is that it doesn’t need a download. It’s readily available on the web. So, advancing your baccarat skills is just a click away. You can enjoy the practice anywhere, at any time. Another good brads to consider if you are located somewhere near them: Sky Casino from Genting Highlands, Lam Son Stadium from Vung Tau, Oriental Pearl Poker from Sihanoukville, Casino de Genting from Bentong. They provide seamless gaming experience and guarantee fair game without any attempts for cheating from casino side.

Should you practice baccarat for the real money? Not necessarily because many online casinos have free games allowing you not to spend any real money but still experience the joy of trying your luck in one of the world’s most popular card game. However, you should pick the right site carefully because not all casinos are created equal. Remember one simple rule – play only in those casinos that have special gambling license issued by one of authorities. In such cases you won’t be ripped off and your personal data will be stored safely on secured servers. Casinos that don’t have a license can cheat and, what’s worse, sell your personal sensitive data to 3rd parties.


Choosing the right casino for baccarat isn’t hard. Be sure to check AskGamblers forum and read a efw reviews of people who tested the casino of your choise. If the reviews would be positive, you are good to go. But if not, this is a red flag that means you should stay away from this gambling establishmend and never trust your credit casrd number or any other sensitive data.

Another step is testing casino support system. Support agents should be available 24/7 and help you with any possible issue or question you might have. If that’s not the case, just pick another casino from AskGamblers Top list and enjoy. With this piece of advice you will never egt into any troubles with casinos and baccarat. And yeah, be sure not to cheat in any casino you play. This act is considered as a serious crime and you can end up in jail.