Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars – Week 4 Picks And Predictions

When you overview this matchup on the paper, it looks like a classic shootout. Well, these two defenses just aren’t on the level of the best teams. Offenses should be dominating this game. There is going to be a lot of points put up on the board that is a sure thing in this duel.

Indianapolis Colts have squeaked past Chargers on the road, and they are looking to ride that momentum. JJ Watt has just been ruled out for an extended period of time. Just like that, Colts are back in the race in their division. T.Y. Hilton exploded in San Diego, scored a game-winning TD. It will be interesting to see Jaguars defense against Luck and Hilton. Can they come even close to stopping them?

On the other hand, winless Jags will be on their home turf and are looking to win their first game. Jacksonville’s offense hasn’t been as good as they needed to be. Their defense is just not going to do the job for them, and the offense needs to step up.

Both quarterbacks will put up big numbers, couple hundred passing yards, and TDs, likely with one pick at worst. Offenses will have a great day in Jacksonville while their Ds will struggle big time.

At the end of the day, we like Jags in this game. It’s just a great matchup for them and a great chance to nab their first win. We don’t trust the Colts to get the job done here, and Jags are our pick. Final score should be 34:30 or something similar.