Batman vs. Batman with Ben Affleck and Christian Bale – Take a Look at This Fan Trailer

Every Batman fan has his favorite Batman actor. Sometimes it has to do with the generation, sometimes not. It used to be a choice between Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney or Christian Bale. Now that Ben Affleck’s Batman has appeared in the DC Extended Universe, the debate has one actor more. Instead of deliberating who is good and who is not, just take a look at this video clip. It was precisely edited in order to pit Ben against Christian in a fist fight. Someone worked hard to combine the footage and mix it in this great trailer. Check it below.

The first thing I thought about was actually the elongated version of that Batman opening scene from The Dark Knight, with Christian Bale contending with copycat Batmen that were trying to imitate the Caped Crusader.

The situation at the end of the clip confuses me. There were so many Batmen flying around that I could not recognize who’s on top. After watching all the Batman movies and this trailer, I would bet on Ben Affleck because he was only moments away from defeating Superman (Henry Cavill) only for the name Martha to immediately erase all conflict.

This trailer was miraculously made and combined by people at Screen Rant, and it looks like it’s suggesting that actually, Batman with Ben Affleck is the villain of the piece because he was marked being “insane” with “no rules”. This is hard to argue with, because Ben did show some branding individuals with his Batman insignia, and he manage to do it again and again in “Batman V Superman”.

However, through the trailer, the fight was not only between Christian Bale’s Batman and Ben Affleck’s Batman. At the end of the clip, Christian asked Michael Keaton for assistance, which made me really happy. Actually, the situation got so interesting that I thought Michael Caine and Jeremy Irons’ Alfred Pennyworths could scrap a little bit. That would be very painful to watch.

All in all, every Batman fan will like the video and praise it. All the scenes are joint perfectly, as the fight sequence was getting more extreme, the number of used movie scenes was increasing. It is up to us to choose between our favorite Batman, but don’t forget the fun part. At the end of the day, it was made to be entertaining and breathtaking with all of the fight sequences and that’s how it should be watched. No true Batman fan should dislike this great clip.