Indianapolis Colts vs. Dallas Cowboys – Preseason Week 2 Predictions


The Dallas Cowboys have had a rough week behind them. They did lose to the Los Angeles Rams in what was a really sloppy game that wasn’t exciting at all to watch. Some players even took a step back from the Arizona Cardinals game, like Kellen Moore, a guy that the Cowboys are going to try to prepare for that backup role in case something ever happens to their main man, Dak Prescott. This is not even the biggest reason why they had a rough week.

The team just found out that they are going to be without their running back at the start of the season. Six games suspension is the punishment for what Ezekiel Elliot has done, and the Cowboys are going to need to adjust to that. The adjustment begins against the Colts as they are going to have to decide who is going to be their number one running back. Is it going to be McFadden or Morris? Will they have a running game by committee? Those are the answers that they have to find. One thing is sure, and that is that both of these players are making the roster, no doubt. If Morris was on the bubble, he is not anymore. They need him to perform.


The Colts are not going to risk anything with Andrew Luck, and he is going to sit out the entire preseason. There are even questions about whether or not he is going to be ready to start in Week 1, so Tolzien is definitely going to see a lot of action this preseason.

The Cowboys will be playing on their home turf, and we are going to roll with them to win this game. Prescott will probably get some playing time, a lot of starters might show up in the first quarter. In the end, Dallas squad will focus on running the ball and they will win this game 21:10.