Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks – Summerslam Predictions


During this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, we saw Sasha Banks battling Nia Jax for the number one contender spot for Alexa Bliss’ Raw Women’s Championship. The match itself was pretty predictable as we kind of knew that Sasha is going to win this one, but that Nia needs to look good and strong. So, Nia Jax was booked to dominate most of the match, with Sasha being that babyface underdog. In the end, she caught Nia sleeping and won the duel, just like we expected.

Now, Sasha is going to challenge Alexa Bliss for the title. According to the original plans, Bayley was supposed to be the one in this fight. Those plans got nixed when she hurt her shoulder, and they went with Sasha for this match. That was the superstar that should have fought Bliss in the first place as they had some unfinished business. In the end, we are going to get the duel that we wanted and that should happen.


Alexa has been a good champion, but there is that feeling that we need a fresh title change. Sasha Banks has been a babyface for a long time, and her run with the belt as a face wasn’t that exciting.

So, the best decision that WWE can make here is to have Banks win the title. She is the main women on this Raw roster, and she should be the champion for a while if they do have some plans for Alexa. But, Sasha needs to turn heel during her championship reign for her to stay interesting and relevant. Anyway, we are going to pick Banks to get the job done at Summerslam.