New iPhone 8 Leak! Are we in for a surprise?!

This year has been one full of leaks for Apple. Tim Cook’s company failed at keeping some things a secret, and as a consequence, we already know a lot of details about the upcoming iPhone. On the other hand, guys from Apple did manage to save something that could be a big surprise. The latest leaked info shows that designers from the company came up with a new color for the iPhone and we believe that many will adore it! Some say that it isn’t functional, but we won’t be too quick to judge.

Everyone believed that the iPhone 8 would be restricted to a monochrome palette when it comes to colors. The colors that were supposed to be available were matt black, matt white and gloss black. Unfortunately for many the rose gold and the gold variations won’t be available for the upcoming smartphone. However, according to this leak, there will be a gold color option in the end. It is called ‘Blush Gold.’

Benjamin Geskin was the one that revealed it, and it looks darker when compared to the iPhone 7’s gold and rose gold options. We believe that this darker look may stem from the fact that Apple uses glass construction for their new phone however it is also probable that it is there to hide the ‘island’ emerging from the top of the new OLED screen.

We still don’t know how the island cut-out will work, but we’ll know once the new iPhone arrives. We are pretty sure that the new iPhone will have a larger screen since the company reduced bezels however the physical size of the back cameras and sensors clearly point out that they’ll have to get rid of something. We think that the wisest and easiest solution for the island is to serve as a part of a solid black bar that shows signal, battery and connectivity status. That would keep the user interface from iOS that can be found on other handsets and it also shows continuity and consistency between devices which run on iOS 11.

Apple will surely put in a lot of effort to make the island look good, and we know that they have some seriously talented designers. We think that the gold or pink colors would really point to a solution and therefore designers will probably opt for a shade of gold which would, in all honesty, look great.


Another interesting thing about the island is the question of the camera light and sensors for the Facial ID. Will they be there on the new iPhone? We already know that Tim Cook took a huge gamble when he got rid of the physical Touch ID button at the bottom of the screen, and it was done to reduce the bezels. Will he do the same thing with camera light and sensors? Facial ID would surely give the new iPhone an edge over the competition, and it certainly comes as a novelty compared to its predecessors.