Indy Wrestler Rips Randy Orton

Randy Orton is known for getting into trouble from time to time and sometimes even saying or doing something that he really didn’t think through. He has violated the wellness policy on a couple of occasions in his career, has snapped in the ring at a few points while he has also had some statements that he probably shouldn’t have had.

The latest controversial thing that Randy Orton has done is bashing the indy wrestlers and what they do in the ring. He has stated that they are doing way too many flips and turns, while he really doesn’t have to do all of that and yet he makes more money than anybody in the independent scene. Orton was the champion at the time, so he was sitting on top of the world, looking at the indy guys who know just how hard it is to make in outside of the WWE.


While Orton has been enjoying all the success in the greatest wrestling company in the world, guys like Rene Dupree knows what it takes to make it in the independent wrestling. He has ripped into Randy for the comments that he made, saying that a lot of things were handed to him because of who’s son he is.

This guy also stated that he was in much better shape when they both started out in the WWE, he was the one with more experience, yet he didn’t get the opportunities that The Viper always had. Guys on the indies need to do all kinds of cool moves in order to move some of their merch, while guys in the WWE really do not need to do that as the company is the one that is promoting their stuff. Those are just some of the things that Dupree pointed out while bashing Orton’s comments.