10 Inspiring Cottage Exterior Paint Color Ideas 


As a homeowner, you want your home to make a good first impression. You may spend time working on your décor, gallery wall, or selecting the best entrance console, but if your cottage painting exterior lacks vision, then everything else will be a setback. Painting the front part of your house can be daunting because it’s not something you decide upon overnight as it’s more of a permanent choice. Also, in the long run, a pristine finished exterior will look great even after years, and help you resell the house faster.

While selecting exterior paint colors, you can take aspects like the house’s design into consideration. For instance, a soft pink villa will not match with a modern A-frame style. Take inspiration from the landscape settings or architectural designs while choosing a cottage paint color. Look for other details like trim, shutters, window mullions, and front doors. All these elements will also help bring out personality on an otherwise rustic exterior and make your house look attractive.

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Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Your Home

Whether you wish to go for a crisp white or a more daring red, their painting services will provide you the best choice of colors and help make your house stand out.

1. Gray-Brown

When deciding to go for an exterior house paint color idea, go for one that makes an impact. Use this as a chance to experiment with muted design. One of our color choices is gray, with a hint of brown. Not too bright, so it doesn’t hurt the eyes. It can blend in perfectly with most surroundings and rarely go wrong. This is also great for a traditional type of home design with white trim. The putty-hued gray will make its own statement from the home’s white exterior.

Source: pexels.com

2. Blue

The exterior of a home will truly come to life when finished with a lighter shade of blue. To try this look, opt for a saturated blue for the largest body of the house mixed with a classic shade of white on a smaller section of the walls. A darker shade for the door will add a nice contrast to the house façade.

Source: bestlifeonline.com

3. White

White is a popular exterior paint color that looks great on both the interior and exterior parts of a house. For a touch of classic, opt for all-white, including for the house trim and sidewalls. If you are looking for a bohemian touch, opt for a lighter shade white for the trim. Or if you love a more classic finish, pair your white paint with other bright accented hues. For this idea, you may use the brightest shades for pieces like outdoor furniture and front door, while adding the neutral white to the trim.

Source: countryliving.com

4. Stained Wood

If you are looking for a rustic, yet polished finish, consider a stained wood option instead of a traditional one. This is especially a good option for cottage painting as it creates a homely and inviting feel. If you wish to add in other colors with it, use paint on the trim to bring about some contrast. Or if you wish to keep it simple, you can use light wood on the siding paired with classic white trim to give your house that traditional feel.

Source: weatherall.com

5. Pink

For a dash of unique and optimistic shade, pink is also a versatile option. The light undertone instantly warms up the exterior space. It’s perfect for any refurnished, rustic house, adding freshness to rustic wood pieces or honed brick finishes. Think modern beachside house to the English countryside.

A soft pink exterior complemented with a crisp touch of white trim will play brilliantly against a lush landscape. This shade is tender and warm and can be blended with any color. It gives a youthful feel and also looks really sophisticated. You can use pink with red or emerald green.

Source: architecturaldigest.com

6. Yellow

A good exterior house paint color is a tint of yellow. Similar to other colors, this sunny hue changes with the light. Golden shades always give out a royal feel so homeowners are easily drawn to it. Yellows especially are harmonizing with natural stone and brick finished type of house. Gray and white are popular shades for trims for houses painted in yellow. Deeper shades of yellow will blend beautifully with deep reds, browns, and greens. Some homemakers even had success with adding yellow with blue undertones.

Source: homedecraft.com

7. Putty

A new version of neutral for cottage painting is putty. This is a popular choice for most homeowners. For a versatile look, paint your woodwork with a contrasting color. If you prefer a subtle contrast, go for a crisp white trim. Or if you prefer a stark, bright finish, try a deep brown or black color for the woodwork.

Source: susan Williams Pinterest

8. Purple

Purple is an unusual exterior house paint color but looks great when used. It is especially a great option for a traditional type of home. Selecting for color with neutral highlights will make your house look stunning while maintaining a rich feel of the architectural finish.

Source: oldhouseonline.com

9. Sage Green

If you start looking out for a cottage paint color, you’ll notice this color is quite a popular choice. The shade blends perfectly on home surrounded by lush landscapes as it complements the green shades and offers a great setting for fresh flowers.

Source: architecturaldesigns.com

10. Red

Red is a good cottage paint color if you are looking to make a statement. While being vibrant, it still gives out a rustic, classic feel. Blending this color to white woodwork adds a fresh look to this color scheme and keeps the rich shade from appearing too sober.

Source: homebunch.com

Once you decide on the right exterior house paint color and types of equipment for your home, you can take the time to choose the best paint techniques to ensure everything is painted perfectly. Choosing to hire professional painters will ensure that your wall and ceiling paint looks polished and leave the room with zero mess.