International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) Rolls Out 5 Cutting-Edge Technology Services: MI, Statistical Analysis, SR

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) the original blue-chip company continues to redefine horizons in technology. In its latest research and development releases, IBM has touched on various facets of everyday life with potential for far-reaching scope for newer application development.

The five new services are in beta stage and will work with the cloud platform, Watson Developer Cloud, which IBM already provides. These services will be supported by Bluemix-hosted systems for application development and will work with the machine learning service.

IBM 5 Innovations

IBM has covered in its latest line-up of services five tools for – Text to Speech, Speech to text, Visual Recognition, Concept Insights as well as Analytics for business decisions.

The scope for Speech Recognition and conversion holds immense potential in tertiary health care services and is expected to widen the horizons for more effective tools and services for hearing disabilities. Watson will use the API for these services and experts infer the Text-to-Speech service has advanced natural-sounding nuances. The Visual recognition feature is pre-loaded with an optical classifier, which will list possibilities to place an identification-tag against the image. The basic list is minimal and lacks accuracy. However, IBM expects accuracy to improve as more users begin to use the beta version and build-out the images list, bringing better accuracy.

But the Trade-off Analytics appears to hold immense interest for business users.

On questions of the difference Trade-off Analytics has, Watson Platform Services Software engineer, Jeffrey Stylos shared that it captures the goodness of a spread-sheet, but is powered by server-based analysis, rendering far superior data for decision makers at a ‘suboptimal’ level.

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) has been driving hard on its data analytic expertise in recent times and many of the new services are expected to work around the core aspect of data analytics.

Concept Insights, is another of the data-generic tools which will return searches based on knowledge-graph. The key is the concept-graph and is currently based on Wikipedia, to develop the searches.

IBM already partner’s Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) in running a Watson API for businesses to analyse aspects of sentiment. It hopes to run similar analysis services to bring in higher accuracy with training and long-term value to Watson by engaging with varied partners.

Watson is building out to be IBM’s blue-eyed platform as the technology juggernaut reaches another milestone in human insights and concept technologies. Competition from smaller players will only lead to specialized product and services for end users, in the long-term!