iPad Mini 5 confirmed its release date and will be available without the headphone jack!?


If you are into this tech kind of stuff then you must probably know about, or have already read, a whole bunch of iPad Mini 5 rumors that are stating that Apple company is preparing to make a successor to their 7.9-inch iPad Mini 4 in a form of a new iPad Mini 5. If we believe in these rumors circling the web, then we are up for a treat with the new gadget which will be a small sized variant of the iPad Pro.

This new addition to the iPad family is due to hit the stores early next year and will be accompanied by the iPad Pro 2 lineup. The Mini 5 is conceived to serve as an entry level device as well as a smaller version of the iPad Pro 2 series. The Pro series, if the rumors can be trusted, will offer three models from which one is the existing 12.9-inch gadget, then the predicted 9.7-inch tablet and a brand new 10.5-inch version of the iPad Pro 2, at least according to PC Advisor.

If we compare sizes, the iPad Mini 5 will be almost identical, a slightly smaller variant of the iPad Pro, which directly implies that the Mini 5 will be a single level lower than the iPad Pro 2. When it comes to characteristics and internals of the new Mini 5, then we can inform you that it will be powered by an A9 chipset and pack at least 3 GB of RAM. The Mini 5 will have another change compared to the predecessor and it is the storage space which will now start at 32 GB instead of the Mini 4’s 16 GB for the base version which is a huge boost. Other two versions will boast 64 GB of storage for the mid-range models and 128 GB for the top range device.


What is likely that will stay unchanged is the thickness of the tablet, and the main reason for that is the 7000 series aluminum that is going to wrap the internals of this little beast and keep it safe just as it kept the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, as the MacWorld reported. But patience is a virtue; we will have to wait and see if anything of this sees the light of day. What somewhat encourages us is the fact that Apple, at least so far, hasn’t confirmed nor denied any of the rumors, and that is the only thing that makes us think that there is something to all of this.

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