iPhone 8 gossips Apple to release three different sizes, rumors boiling


Rumors are coming out to the market for the new iPhone 8 which greatly appeals the avid Apple fans. It has been heard of the coming upgrade for the smartphone that will now offer three different sizes.

In the next year, the iPhone will be ten years old. With this, Cupertino tech giant is preparing a total revamp of its most successful gadget. This has been motivated by the people’s unrewarding response to the iPhone 7. Perhaps the company was not able to reach its sales goals for that release.

Online sources reported that the new iPhone 8 should be available in 5.5, 4.7 as well as 5-inch screen sizes. Each handset will have a glass exterior all over. The older version already had the glass front, but this time, iPhone 8 moves even further with this material even on its back. Two Chinese companies had been rumored to be manufacturing the handsets which lead us in a direction that Apple is divorcing itself from Foxconn. This, however, is still subject to change. Deriving conclusions on the matter would be premature.

Hearsays have been circulating for a while now that Apple is planning a major makeover on the iPhone coming in 2017. The goal is to celebrate the iPhone’s decade-long existence. Although, Apple might have other greater motivations for making these changes after it had experienced a significant drop in sales first time from 2001.

The iPhone 7, after its release in September, had been severely bashed because it lacks new features. The notable improvement to the iPhone 7 is the addition of another camera lens at the back. That, however, was only applied on the iPhone 7 Plus, the larger device of two that are offered.

The recent reports about the exploding Galaxy Note 7 handset is another push for Apple to create the new iPhone 8. This incident had indeed been a major drawback for the Android phone manufacturer, and their patrons and fans are slowly moving away. The company had to recall a huge volume of their flagship devices. Eventually, they had to stop its production giving the Apple iPhone all the attention it needs. Perhaps these Android fans will soon decide to switch to the iPhone resulting in increased demand and higher sale numbers for their product. But this will only be made possible if Apple can offer more exciting features than it had before.


Several stunning features are anticipated for Apple’s new iPhone 8. There is the curved OLED that is planned for the 5.5-inch unit as well as wireless charging which had long been adopted by the Android. Plus a glossy design which had been introduced in Apple’s previous releases.

Whatever changes may come to the new iPhone 8, these hearsays will continue to boil until Apple finally brings to a light new lineup of smartphones. This could happen in September next year.