Land Rover Discovery Pickup – Mercedes Benz X-Class Competitor

After the stunning success of sport utility vehicles, the more functional pickups are now also gaining ground in the automobile market. Among those that are introducing their models are famous brands like Mercedes-Benz and Renault. This will indeed be breakthrough for the car company. On top of that, we have rumors and even renderings of Land Rover and the possible pickup in their lineup.

It has also been heard of that several other companies are also taking the interest of the idea of having their own entry into this market. Citroen and Peugeot are two of these car makers while Volkswagen had recently created the Amarok. This makes the future of pickups really interesting.

Mercedes was the first to introducing its premium model with the X-Class. It has been uncovered in Stockholm and was hailed as the world’s first “true” premium pickup. Hence, the question arises. Will the German brand’s competitors also move to enter the fray?

The probability for this to happen seems quite faint. BMW, as well as Audi, do not have much of the luxury in the range of commercial vehicles that could grease the wheels for its own pickup like Mercedes–Benz does. So, the X-Class can be confident to remain in its position in the market for some time.

However, BMW and Audi are not the only competitors for Mercedes – Benz. Some Japanese brands also come forward in the market and rumors are filled with Lexus and Infiniti related stories. Looking at the trend, we know that British carmakers would not agree to be left behind. They have already achieved so much success with the SUVs like Discovery Sport, Range Rover, and Range Rover Sport. And according to latest reports the Land Rover is also surfing the tide.

Discovery is the most recent SUV from Land Rover. Although it is still set to come out to the market, it is already gaining popularity with some of its astonishing features like the light aluminum frame, the quality of its architecture and some rough terrain capabilities.

Although two of these characteristics do not necessarily suggest that pickup model will be delivered, the Theophilus Chin, the engineer who crafted the digital image for Discovery truck, persisted in moving forward with his design. The entire form of this vehicle looks good, but the rear seems to have just been copied from the traditional pickup. The opportunities for this project to push through are bleak, but it is also helpful to stretch your imagination and squeeze your creative juices once in a while. Hence, people are questioning why BMW and Audi haven’t created its own pickup line.