iPhone7 available in India from September 26 with a starting price of Rs 63,000


After the iPhone7 appeared in the international market on September 7 at the Graham Bill Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, Apple is ready to introduce their new phone in India only 19 days later.

An anonymous source that works in the development sector declared: “We are already preparing for the launch of iPhones as the shipping dates from the US is expected to be somewhere between September 15 to 19. We should have the phones by September 26”.

The price for the iPhone7 base model is expected to reach $749 in the USA, whereas in India one has to pay at least Rs 63,000 as industry sources claim. The phone will cost $100 more than the previously available iPhone6.


In recent years, India has been successful in developing their economy and thus it has become a gigantic market when it comes to smartphones. This is exactly the reason why Apple has been switching its focus to India. Not only have the iPhone sales in India risen 51% so far, but also India has been the only patch of light for the company. Speaking of numbers, last year, the sales in that country surpassed the $1-billion milestone. Although this may seem amazing, the market share Apple took with its device is less than 2%.

Besides the iPhone7, Apple will come forward with the iPhone7 Plus as well as three new watches. They will appear in two chic and modern colors such as gold and rose gold, but also in more classic versions – black, blue and silver.

The source mentioned above stated: “The iPhone 7 Plus will come with dual cameras, and there are no external design changes for both the phones as they will look like the 6S.”

In the sphere of body-borne computers, Apple has big plans. The two new watches, which will be improved in comparison to the current Apple Watch model, are expected to hit the market in the last months of 2016. One of the models, the Apple Watch 2, is supposed to contain many features two of which are barometer and GPS.


On the other hand, when it comes to displaying of the MacBook, Apple will not stick to the calendar, and it will probably be presented in a separate ceremony. According to the source:” We didn’t get any updates on the MacBooks, and it is expected to be launched separately”.

The MacBook Pro hasn’t had any updates since 2013 when it was launched, but that is about to change. Rumor has it that the new device is in the developing stage, and one of the enhancements will be related to the processor the Apple has introduced in the last two years. With the more developed model, the Apple can finally profit from those improvements. A Retina MacBook Pro is also very likely to appear in near future.