Google carries out test to show Chrome outperforms Microsoft’s Edge in battery usage

Google has questioned claims made by Microsoft three months ago that Edge outdid Chrome when it came to battery test. This, Google did by showing off Chrome intentionally on Microsoft’s Surface Book.

The test done by Microsoft and also carried out on Surface Books showed that Edge when used on Windows 10 on the average took up 36 percent less power than Chrome if it is made use of on Facebook, Google, and Youtube.

In another test carried out by Microsoft, Edge and Chrome were seen squaring off on Surface Books during a video streaming battle. In the test, the Edge device lasted a whopping 7 hours and 22 minutes, while on the Chrome, it only lasted for 4 hours and 19 minutes.

The newly releases Chrome 53 which contains a number of improvements on the GPU and CPU, Google made a rebuttal which they made available in the form of a time-lapse video where they made a comparison of the battery life of two Surface Books which involves streaming video in a browser. Chrome did not do as expected. They did not condescend to show off Chrome against Edge, they instead showed Chrome 53 against Chrome 46.

Even though Google did not show Edge in the test they carried out, they, however, did end up taking a swipe at Microsoft. In a very subtle manner, Google disclosed that Chrome 53 gives 2 hours 12 minutes more Vimeo HD than Chrome 46 on a single charge.

Google in the test they carried out showed its time-lapse video for Chrome 46 lasting a whopping 8 hours and 27 minutes as against the 4 hours and 22 minutes according to the time-lapse video done by Microsoft for Chrome for Window.

For the Chrome 53, they showed where it lasted for an awesome 10 hours and 39 minutes. This is how Google belittled Microsoft by showing their Chrome from seven versions back outperforming Microsoft’s newest browser.

Also included in the test, was Google showing that Chrome has a wider support for other platforms. This includes improvements in speed made available for Chrome on Mac as well as Chrome on mobile devices. It also boasts of using 33 percent less power for images, page scrolling, and videos.