Is Alexa Working For CIA?


The Amazon Echo is a smart device with a constant Internet access, and it comes with the artificial intelligence called Alexa. You can ask Alexa whatever you want and get answers, but WikiLeaks has recently confirmed that CIA’s hacking capabilities extend to Samsung smart TVs, which motivated an owner of this speaker to ask it some tricky questions.

The first question the owner asked Alexa was whether it would lie and Alexa said: “I always try, to tell the truth, I’m not always right, but I would never intentionally lie you or anyone else.” The next question was to check whether Alexa knew what the CIA was and it gave the correct answer.

In the end, the women asked Alexa whether it was connected to the CIA and the smart speaker said literally nothing. The women repeated the question in the same manner and once again there was nothing but crickets.


The exact reason of this problem is unknown, but it is possible that Alexa or any other internet-connected item is bugged. However, an Amazon representative told Select All that “this was a technical glitch” and that it has been taken care of. If you would ask Alexa whether it worked for the CIA the response would be: “No, I work for Amazon.”

Ever since this video has been posted on the Internet, people have probably asked their devices the same question. Tell us in the comments whether you asked Alexa, or any other AI this and what the response was. Do you believe that this may be true? Meanwhile, you can watch the video here.