Is it allowed to hold Driver’s Licenses From Two Different States At The Same Time?

If you are looking for a straight up answer, we say YES! But on conditions. This allowance of multiple driver licenses acquisition is based on some circumstances. You can’t just decide to own driver’s licenses from more than one state without a very good reason. It will cost you. There are several reasons we may want to obtain two driver licenses, one being as a result of job time plans; during business appointments, you may need to travel from your primary state to another while spending up to months residing there (in the other than yours).

Car registration and insurance when living in two states?

It is actually possible though not typical to be a resident (fully official) of two different states; meaning you must have worked for at least 184 days in each one in a year. And if this is the case, you will want to make the decision of your car on the grounds of which state do I drive or live the most.

Car-registration in another state may be for other reasons such as, you’re on a long-term vacation or while you’re striving to get a low rate car insurance policy so you are registered in a place with a cheap car coverage rate like Maine: $845 and then moved to another state. Registering car coverage one you don’t live (a place you didn’t register your vehicle) is ILLEGAL, and it is considered as a crime! Except for very few situations, some insurance providers’ policies give coverage to cars registered in a different one.

Safer of greeting a cheaper rate is comparing quotes from different car insurance companies in your city, to do that visit

What happens if you drive, car licensed but no insurance?

Some people love taking risks. This is not a good time to take that you love! Be law-abiding. Automatically in most places, you’re not allowed to drive if you do not have the minimum car coverage requirements, but if you still drive and you’re being pulled over by a force agency or got into an accident, you’re liable to get a license suspension. It is also possible that your insurance provider in the primary state will cancel your policy and not pay the claim!

What to do?

This is actually a prevention and not a cure; prevention is better, you know. Therefore, whenever there’s an assurance or even a probability of you leaving your primary state (where you purchased your car insurance), then try to switch your policy before you even leave. You can login to your insurer’s website to do that or dial your insurance company’s phone number for support.

The unjust enrichment policy

The car insurance policy is a safety net, not an enriching net. It should restore and be a back-up plan when there’s loss of properties and the restoring of these properties should be adequate and not excessive. This was done to regulate and manage the coverage marketing from cases where a coverage client will receive multiple claims from insurers; a content written by a professional in insurance industries, Christopher Williams proves this point.

5  Important Points

  • Due to unjust enrichment policy, two different car insurance policies cannot be purchased just for a single car but it’s possible for you to purchase a single auto coverage policy on different vehicles.
  • What if I have two cars, one in a different state from the other? Yes, no problem registering each car in its state, also there is no hullabaloo of you ensuring each in it registered location. You only have to pay for multiple car insurance expenses.
  • The rules, laws and regulations of different locations are certainly open to differences. Car insurance policy in Indiana we’ll be different from the one in Alaska. Therefore, you should abide by each states’ laws as long as you’re the owner.
  • There is a need for coverage maintenance from the policy holder providing insurance for you within each state your automobiles are licensed. Failure to do so may result in real penalties and not a football penalty.
  • Call your insurance company and explain to them. After all, they’re your provider, therefore, inform them if you need a change in policy or even cancellations for a long-term stay in a secondary state.
  • Make sure you have registered your vehicle in the state you wish to insure your automobiles, because the cars are only allowed to be insured in the same where it was licensed.