Is It Safe to Buy Bitcoin With Debit or Credit Card?

Are you curious to know if it is reliable to acquire BTC through a debit or credit card? If yes, you are at the right place. A majority of the crypto-hungry stockholders we know of are considering including crypto in their portfolios, giving rise to the curiosity of knowing whether they can use legitimate means to invest in them.

This article will cover everything about obtaining BTC through debit and credit cards and the most suitable exchanges letting you do so.

Is it Possible to Obtain BTC Using a Debit or a Credit Card?

If you are into the digital money market, you know BTC is rapidly rising in popularity. This virtual currency is the future of banknotes and will replace traditional centralized coins monitored by the central government. Although investors were skeptical about using this type of currency for trading, they have no second thoughts today.

You can easily spot people around you discussing investing in the crypto market, which was not typical until a few years ago. Today, it flooded this market with various virtual coins for investment, payment, and other settlement purposes. Many countries are slowly accepting it as a legitimate mode of payment and allowing their citizens to trade in it.

However, whenever trading in BTC, the one question that often strikes the investors is if it is safe to acquire the currency through a debit or credit card. If you are here, you must also have the exact question. A simple answer to your doubt would be, although getting BTC through a debit or a credit card is workable, it is a complex process.

It is so because several credit card providers do not allow trading in digital currency, while others even charge cardholders with payments. So, if you are using your credit card to acquire virtual coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, XRP, Ripple, ADA, BNB, TRX, etc, make sure your credit card enterprise is not blocked them or by the exchange providing the coin.

Even some big digital money markets, including Coinbase, do not accept credit cards. Other apps like Coinmama and CEX recognize the card but only Visa and Mastercard. So, to put it simply, buying BTC through this settlement strategy although feasible, is a hectic task. Besides requiring a BTC exchange, you also call for a credit card firm that permits the trade.

How Much Price is Charged When Paying Via a Card?

Investing in digital coins comes with several terms and conditions. We have already discussed one of the above. The other one is the steep price involved when conducting a payment through a debit or a credit card to obtain Bitcoin. A BTC exchange levies a percentage of the sale value from the users, including a basic fee, service charge, and an extra fee for funding using a credit card.

How Else to Acquire Digital Currency Through a Card?

After reading the previous content, you must feel discouraged about buying crypto through debit or credit cards. But, there’s no need to worry because it is feasible to acquire the currency through top markets. Unlike other exchanges that levy an enormous amount of up to 7% from the users, these platforms demand digital money assets.

Here we have noted a few platforms that authorize linking a card to your digital profile so that you can obtain virtual currencies. But remember that transactions through these exchanges take up to three days because the banks need to find out about any possible scams. Also, these dealings cover multiple players. Please click here to learn more about procuring BTC with debit and credit cards.

Let’s analyze the tools now.


The finest platform for acquiring and selling virtual coins through a credit card is undoubtedly eToro. With over 20 million users worldwide, it proposes a range of monetary benefits to stockholders. It is a highly controlled exchange holding approvals from reputable panels, indicating that purchasing BTC from here is reliable and protected.

If you utilize it for obtaining BTC, you can take advantage of several features, including Copy Trader. It is a special characteristic that lets people observe and imitate the dealing ploys of pro traders to generate profits. It upholds over 40 virtual cash and blusters of the lowest minimums in the market.

If you are contemplating acquiring digital money using USD, eToro is an outstanding platform to choose.


Boasting a beginner-friendly interface Coinbase is an extremely liquid digital currency platform with an enormous amount of BTC pairs. Although it levies a certain fee from the investors, it is generally low. You must make minimum security of $2 here and pay a trading charge of 0.5%. But they charge no charge for basic deposits or withdrawals.

The interface of Coinbase is direct and spontaneous, making it unambiguous for stockholders to procure through a card. It also provides study data to help people learn about the monetary BTC market in a better way.


Surpassing all other exchanges in trading capacity, Binance is the most prominent virtual currency exchange worldwide. Adopting this platform for procuring BTC via credit or debit cards has several perks. One of them is the high liquidity rate. It is an extremely liquid exchange that allows trading BTC within seconds.

Besides, Binance charges low transaction expenses, has a vast reserve of online assets and accepts PayPal, e-wallet, and even bank transmissions as a mode of remittance.

Apart from the exchanges listed above, some more platforms let you buy BTC through a debit or a credit card, including Pionex, CoinSmart, Bybit, Bitpanda, Wirex, and Coinmama.

Final Words

If you are still confused about whether it is safe to gain crypto through a debit or credit card, let us clear the air again. It is harmless if you are confident the exchange you are gaining BTC from is safe and not exposed to hacking. Using cards for payment lets you take advantage of fast deposits and withdrawals, the comfort of use, and high security.