Is it Truly Time to Replace Your Office Computer?

The average lifespan for a computer is between three and eight years. However, the actual length will very much depend on how it’s used, the type of system that was purchased, the hardware components that have been used, and changes in the software. According to over time, you will have all noticed they tend to perform much slower, there is far less space for storage, and it won’t be able to meet the requirements for new software. When things like this become an annoyance, the temptation is to rush out and buy a new computer system, but before you head to the store, consider the following. There are a number of good reasons why you should stick with what you’ve got.

If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

This phrase was made popular by a guy named Bert Lance in 1977. He was relating it to governments always trying to fix things that didn’t need fixing and forgetting about the things that did. It means that if something is working, especially when it’s working well, then leave it alone. You can apply this phrase to modern computers. A new computer won’t be much faster than the one you’ve already got, possibly only as much as 5% or 10%. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a new one, clean up the one you’ve already got.

It’s possible to make your old PC run faster and can cost nothing at all. However, a few small, low-cost hardware upgrades will make your computer run like a dream.

Add on an SSD

What is an SSD? It stands for solid state drive and will make the slowest of PC hard drives perform better than new. It turbocharges everything, from the moment you boot up for the first time. Applications launch effortlessly, and you can browse your folders with ease. They do come with a price tag of around $100, but that’s far less of an investment than buying a new computer.

Cost Savings

Of course, you’re going to save money if you decide to stick with what you’ve got. It will mean you’ve got money to spend on other business improvements. Why not hire an accountant to do your books, or a web designer to refresh your website? Not buying a new computer does mean you won’t be able to take advantage of as many tax breaks. However, you may still be able to get them with some of your other purchases. If you need to know more about business taxes, there are companies online you can contact, such as Tax Return.

You should also consider updating or change your operating system as this can have a significant effect. There is a wealth of useful information available on the internet nowadays that having out of date standalone desktop software is not such an issue. Banking, video chatting, emails, presentations and so much more can be done via your web browser. As long as you’ve got a reliable internet connection, the sky’s the limit. A new computer won’t offer all that much of an increase in performance. Unless, of course, your computer is out of the ark.