Is Jeff Heath the best Dallas Cowboys Playmaker?


The opinions on Dallas Cowboys’ Jeff Heath are divided – you either want to see him burn alive or you praise him as if he can do nothing wrong. The truth is always somewhere in between, but Heath brings more good to Dallas than bad, especially in the last few encounters.

Before the seasons started, Dallas Cowboys let Barry Church go, and they put Heath in the starting position, trusting him that he will make plays on the ball. At first, this seemed like a terrible decision, but this man made progress week in week out to grow into one of the best Dallas Cowboys playmakers.

If you are still skeptical about Heath’s ability, all you have to do is watch him save Dallas’ hopes for the playoffs in the game against the Oakland Raiders. First, he managed to run down quarterback Derek Carr and force a fumble which resulted in a touchback. Carr was just about to enter the end zone, when Heath knocked him from the back, saving the day.


He also stopped the ball from reaching Crabtree on a third-down touchdown attempt with 40 seconds to go in the fourth quarter while Dallas was up 20-17. Heath is improving as we speak and although he has not been great from the start, he has managed to prove his worth recently. Let’s not even mention his ability to kick the ball and the fact that he went 2/3 on extra point attempts against the San Francisco 49ers when he replaced injured Dan Bailey.

For those of you that do not like Jeff Heath and want to see him walk – you will just have to accept the fact that he will stay with the Cowboys and appreciate the things he does for the team.