Is Matt Hardy Happy With His Woken Persona?

It has been an uphill battle for Matt Hardy with Impact Wrestling. They actually wanted to kill off the great thing that he created by preventing him from using it in the WWE. Broken Matt Hardy surprised and won over the wrestling world in 2016, but he couldn’t keep doing that this year because of the legal battle.

In the end, the thing that put him at the top of the wrestling world is back with him. That persona that he created is so great that it is still over with the fans after not using the gimmick for a long time. They still wanted him to use it, and their wait is finally over.

Recently, he was joined by his brother Jeff Hardy and Finn Balor at the Table for 3 show where he talked about how it feels to have his gimmick back.

“When I made the transformation to being ‘Woken’ Matt or whatever you want to call him, it was different. I became that being, and, to me, I’m a lot more comfortable doing that because I can go to the ring and know nothing is off limits and like Balor said, there’s no worry of looking bad, or looking strange, or worried about judgment. You go out and do your thing and I was like a primal cannibal in some ways.”

This man also added that he could just be himself and say whatever he feels like he should say. Being careful and always worrying about looking good in front of fans while being regular Matt is something that he really doesn’t want to do.

Now, he is in a feud with Bray Wyatt, and we can’t wait to see these two face to face in the ring. So far, they have only exchanged video messages, but that is likely going to change soon, and it is going to make a good TV, that is for sure.