Meet Simone Garcia Johnson, The Rock’s Daughter

Even though Dwayne Johnson is not up for a Golden Globe Awards this year, the Johnson family will be present at the major event since his daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson is going to be a Golden Globes Ambassador at January 7, 2018. We know a lot about The Rock, but who is Simone Garcia?

She was born on August 14, 2001, which means that she is still a teenager. Her mom is Johnson’s former wife, Dany Garcia, whereas Simone came to this world when Johnson was at the peak of his WWE career. Johnson and Garcia split up, but they remained in touch today, and they have a close bond – Garcia is still The Rock’s manager and producing partner.

Even though both of her parents are famous, Simone Garcia says that she doesn’t want to be an actor or a producer. Instead, she wants to move to New York City and study at New York University, choosing business as her major. However, she loves wrestling and has said on multiple occasions that she admires women wrestlers and that she has thought about pursuing a career in sports entertainment. If someone can do it, it’s The Rock’s daughter.

Besides an interest in business and wrestling, Simone is working as a model for IMG Models. You can see this girl adding modeling photos on her Instagram account. Moreover, she is a close friend of Fifth Harmony star Dinah Jane. We have often seen the two together, and they tweet at one another now and then.

When it comes to her position as the Golden Globes Ambassador this year, it is quite an honor. She will be handing out the trophies to the winners, and she has already received some advice from her father, reports, Entertainment Tonight.

Simone Garcia said: “The best piece of advice that my dad gave me was just to have and live in the moment. I’m keeping that in the back of my mind with everything I do on this journey.”

Meanwhile, she has also shared her mother’s views: “[She’s] very passionate about equal rights, about anything that’s happening in politics, about her point of views. So, I’m so excited for her to have this platform.”