Is There A Female ‘The Rock’ in Hollywood?!

Hollywood has a new king. We hope that everyone is aware of this because The Rock holds this title for some time now. It’s hard to argue with that. Dwayne Johnson slowly and steadily reached the throne and sat on it, and it seems that his reign only started.

We say this because everything he touches turns to gold. People’s Champ revitalized Fast & Furious franchise. He has his own HBO TV Show the Ballers. After 20 years from its initial release, he rebooted Jumanji film with astonishing success. That’s what we call $942 million at the box office. In between that, he stared in dozen comedy films and some animated blockbusters (Moana). Considering that he didn’t have any acting experience before Hollywood and after WWE, we can claim that he’s doing OK.


While everyone is thrilled with his success, there are some who find a downside to everything, and so they do to the achievements of Dwayne Johnson. A Twitter user Grace Spelman said that Brahman Bull (you can try and find a more manly nickname, I dare you) only achieved what he did because he’s a man. Her argument lies in the fact that The Rock always plays in similar roles, which were and will be sought-after in Hollywood.

So, in correspondence with this, she set up criteria for “a female Rock.” It needs to be an actress that appeared in the comedy and mediocre-action movies, but also has enough talent to star in a musical. Twitter responded immediately, but not every suggestion was accepted. Someone went with Melissa McCarthy, while others suggested Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock.

Grace Spelman claims that no women could or can achieve this because Johnson succeeded with a half-hearted effort. She says that his acting is mediocre at best and that no actress would earn enough money and recognition for similar performances.

While she has a point, to some extent, it’s not Dwayne Johnson the one to be blamed. It’s the industry that allowed him such success. But that’s only the half of the truth. The other half includes his charisma, smile, the eyebrow, muscles, and in our opinion undeniable acting talent that yet has to reach its peak.

With his relationship with women in his life and all around the world, which is as respectful as it can get (just look at the lessons he’s giving to his daughter below) we’re not sure that there’s even a need for a female version of The Rock.

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If somewhere out there already exists one, please write about her in the comments.