Is Tony Romo Coming Back to The Dallas Cowboys?

The Tony Romo saga continues, and for now, it appears that Romo is retired. Although this may be true, there is one former NFL coach who believes that Romo’s career hasn’t ended yet and that he may even return to the Cowboys for at least one more season.

It has been too much for the people too. Will Tony Romo continue to play football or will he become an analyst? Initially, the question was to which team the Cowboys quarterback will go, but not long ago that news broke out we could hear that Romo decided to retire.

Is it possible that Tony will join the Dallas Mavericks? Yes, you heard it right. Romo has been seen participating in the shoot-around and layup drills with the Mavs, and he almost entered the real game. This was, of course, a joke, but it was clear that Romo enjoyed the attention he received from the fans. But the real question is – Is he done?

Eric Mangini, the former New York Jets coach, talked to Fox Sports Radio and he believes that Tony Romo’s professional NFL career is not over and he will struggle to watch the NFL from the sideline. This is what the coach said:

“How many games is he going to broadcast and see average quarterbacks and be frustrated with the fact that he’s not playing? And you look at a situation like Oakland last year, that for me would’ve been a perfect scenario for a guy like Tony Romo.”

Mangini also added that Romo is probably not returning to Dallas. But that is also a possibility if Dak Prescott gets hurt. He stated: “I could see if Dak Prescott gets hurt in Dallas, him coming back and playing in Dallas. I think he’s got a lot of good football left in him and as long as this isn’t an injury situation where his doctors said don’t play, I think it’s going to be too hard for him to say no when an opportunity comes up, with whoever that is, if he has a chance to win.”

Bear in mind – Tony Romo has yet to sign the retirement papers, and he will most likely do it, but it is just a curious coincidence. For now, we have to assume that Romo has retired. But, if there is a chance for him to get back as a starting quarterback, we might see him throwing again.