New 2018 Honda Accord spied in new camo!

Spy photographers have brought joy to all of us once again with these new photos of the latest 2018 Honda Accord that seems to have, besides the old black cladding, a new swirling wrap outfit on. Thanks to big chiefs in Honda deciding to wrap this new vehicle in this swirly wrap we can now see the new gen a little better. Apparently, the company took some of the design solutions and cues from the Civic and applied it to the Accord but in much larger scale, of course. Those borrowed cues are best visible through the skinny headlights and fastback rear end, while the general outline of the front end also looks similar.

With this model, Honda is making a new policy that will bring an end to the practice where they made a version of the Accord for North America and a different one, usually smaller car for all other markets. This new policy or strategy, however you like it, will result in a slight shrinkage of the Accord but that won’t be a bad thing, as you can see from these images, it will still offer plenty of space mostly because it is a family sedan. Previous spy shots we had for you showed part of the interior, and by the looks of it, we will all be graced with major improvements of the used materials and a big tech upgrade like the latest Civic had.

2018 Honda Accord Engine

As far as the engine bay is considered, the Accord will likely follow the rest of the Japanese carmaker lineup removing the V6 in favor of a turbocharged four-cylinder unit. The best guess is that the lower trim vehicles might host a naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine while the upper trims could make use of the forced induction – either in the form of 1.5 or 2.0 L unit. Since this is Honda we are talking about, a hybrid is to be expected, but it probably will not be available right at the launch.

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As we managed to find out the plans are to introduce the new vehicle sometime in late 2017 and it is supposed to be a big deal in the Honda’s lineup. The sale figures put the Accord in third place on the automaker’s best-seller list in the United States with 69.815 deliveries throughout March while the Civic is second with a volume of 81.654 units sold and CR-V leads the way with 94.057 of them going to customers. Impressive!

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