Is Vaping As Bad As They Say?


Word has it that vaping is far much safer than compared to smoking. There is no doubt, that smoking affects vascular health to the extent of causing the death of many smokers. Many smokers develop nicotine dependence as time goes by, therefore making it almost impossible for them to quit. This led to the production of vaping products by several companies. Vaping is said to be a safer alternative to smoking.

Visit for such products as vape kits, pod systems, tanks, coils, vape pens, and vaping mods among others. Since many people were curious to know the truth behind this claim, research had to be done to prove the truth. The Largest study history was conducted in the UK on the effect of conventional cigarettes plus e-cigarettes’ effect on vascular health.

The study findings


Eventually, vaping was found to be less harmful to smoking. It was discovered that when a smoker switches to vaping, they enjoy improved vascular health. Women were found to reap bigger benefits than men.

Also, The British Heart Foundation did commission the VESUVIUS study. This study entailed a 2-year trial, and its focus was on real smokers. The trial started by dividing a group of smokers into categories, and one group was to continue smoking while the other group switched to e-cigs. The group with vapers had some of them using e-cigs without nicotine and the other with nicotine.

After a month, the group of smokers who had switched to vaping had a remarkable vascular health improvement. Female patients’ vascular health improvement was incredible. However, the group that was using e-cig that lack nicotine had a higher improvement rate, unlike counterparts.

Is Vaping completely harmless?


The study chief investigator by the name Professor Jacob George gave details of the findings. He pointed out that e-cigs are not 100% free from risk, but they are less harmful as compared to smoking when it comes to vascular health. Professor Jacob George is a specialist in Cardiovascular Medicine & Therapeutics at Dundee University.

Switching to vaping goes a long way to improve vascular function in just a month. Basically, smoking triggers heart diseases, but improved vascular function among vapers reduces the chances of having a cardiovascular disease by 13%. This is according to a press release by Professor George.

What experts have to say about the trending negative news about vaping


Of late vaping has been on the headlines with the press linking it to deaths and lung diseases. However, so much has been done to prove that vaping benefits outweigh related risks. Caitlin Notley pointed out that vaping has more benefits as compared to its risks. Vaping has attracted negative attention with some countries across the world threatening to place a ban on vaping. However, vaping has served as an excellent way to help smokers quit smoking.

United States CDC (Center For Disease Control and Prevention) reported more than a thousand Evali cases. This entails vaping products or e-cig use linked to lung injury plus 34 deaths. However, this cannot be compared with roughly eight million smokers who die every year for using smoking tobacco.

CDC reports that 86% of vapers who become sick because of vaping are found to have used THC (cannabis) products in the past 3 months. Most country does not allow the use of THC a contributing reason Evali outbreaks are not heard in other countries.

What are the best vaping tips for beginners?


Now that research has confirmed that vaping is safer than smoking, You may want to switch to vaping. Welcome to the world of vapers defined by sweet flavors and wonderful experiences.No matter how easy and sweet vaping sounds,  the whole thing may be quite intimidating, especially if you are a beginner. However, here are tips to get a sweet vaping experience;

  • Go for the best affordable vaping device

Whether you want to vape to stop smoking or you are dying for a new experience, you should never go for low quality vaping devices or e-liquid flavors. This is because you might end up having the worst vaping experience.

It could be you spend about $10 to purchase one packet of cigarettes. So, parting with $50 to buy a vaping kit for a beginner maybe somehow difficult. Never at any time should you compare vape kits price with cigarettes. Investing in a quality kit will be cheaper in the long run that buying packets of cigarettes.

  • Start with low/moderate nicotine strengths

Some beginners go wrong when they aim too high. Some chose to start with very strong nicotine strengths and this ends up rubbing their back the wrong way. Just start with low strengths and later switch to strong strengths.

However, if you are a heavy smoker and are after an alternative, you will need a higher nicotine level, unlike the non-smokers. 18mg nicotine and above are not too bad, to begin with. In some cases, those that are addicted to smoking prefer super high nicotine levels. As high as 54mg  and above.

  • Take time to read and understand the instructions given

Don`t assume that you know. Take time to go through the instructions highlighted in your new vape kit. For instance, you should know how to assemble it to get started. How to clean the coil and vape tank. Also, how to maintain the device and how to refill your e-juice.

  • Go for right E-liquid

There is a wide collection of E-liquids in the market. Each of them has a unique flavor.  As a beginner, an e-juice that can be inhaled with ease and releases more vapor tends to work for them. With the dozens of flavor available, ensure you settle for a more appealing flavor.

  • Keep the tank and coil clean

A dirty tank will kill your quest for a new experience. Worse still, you can go back to your smoking habits. This is because dust build-up in a vape tank causes bad smells and spoils the sweet smell of your favorite flavor. So, you must ensure that the tank stays clean. This also applies to the coil.

  • Have the guts to explore fresh innovations

The vaping world is booming with innovations thanks to the technology. So after you make enter the world of the vapers, don`t just settle in one place. There is so much to explore. Just listen to the view of other vapers and their recommendations when trying anything near.