Isaiah Thomas Proving He Is A Franchise-Caliber Player

Celtics made a trade at the 2014/2015 NBA trade deadline and acquired Suns’ Point Guard Isaiah Thomas. The most notable thing that they had to give up for him was Marcus Thorton. In other words, practically nothing as Thorton was not a useful player at that point in his NBA career.

Suns’ situation at the Point Guard spot was pretty bad as it was way too crowded. They had to move on from both Thomas and Dragić. Isaiah didn’t really get much playing time, and it was expected that his numbers are going to rise with the Boston Celtics. He was pretty good with Boston as the team went to the Playoffs and it was a great achievement.

He was even better in 2015/2016 when he established himself as the best player of the Celtics, made the All-Star squad and led the team to 48 wins. Unbelievable year for Thomas that was.

Even after all that, the people were wondering if he is just some good PG that will make an All-Star squad one time in his career and remain a serviceable borderline All-Star for the rest of his career. Well, those people are wrong.

The fact that he is averaging 27 PPG as a 5’9” guard is amazing. Thomas has added many moves to his game, he knows how to position and use his body, finishing around the rim with his height is just a thing of beauty to watch. There is no doubt about the fact that he is going to be a part of the All-Star team yet again. Everybody knows that.

The thing that a lot of people will start realizing soon is that this man is a legit second option on a championship contending team. Something similar to what Kyrie is to LeBron. This guy is on another level, and his 52-point outburst against the Heat showed that. He wants it, he goes all-out every night for his crew, especially in the deciding moments of matches. This man is the real deal, and people around the NBA are starting to look at him that way.