Are The Packers The Biggest Threat To Dallas In The NFC?

The Green Bay Packers still have to get into the postseason in order to be a big threat to the Dallas Cowboys. But, out of all the squads that are in the NFC Playoff picture right now, are the Green Bay Packers the most legitimate opponent that Cowboys could have in the NFC?

Seattle Seahawks have been considered as the biggest threat to Dallas, but they have been inconsistent ever since they have beaten the New England Patriots. On the other hand, we have the Green Bay Packers that are on a roll right now. This squad is the winner of five straight going into their matchup on Sunday against the Lions.

The offense is back in Green Bay. McCarthy’s squad has scored under 27 points just once in the past five duels. Aaron Rodgers and his receivers are on the same page now, the defense has stepped up, and the Packers look like a legitimate contender in the NFC.

Dallas’ weakness is their defense. They are not exposed as much as they should be because of Cowboys’ running game and ability to control the clock very well. But, if this improving and now healthy Packers defense meets Dak and company and is able to slow them down, Aaron Rodgers would get to take a lot of shots at this Cowboys’ D.

If you give Rodgers a lot of shots against any defense, he is going to make that defense pay. When you have a shaky defense as Dallas’ is, Aaron Rodgers can’t be given too many chances. That is why the Packers are the biggest threat to Dallas in the NFC.