Isuca: Updates on Season 2


The information and updates regarding the next installment of Isuca are carefully tracked. The real question now is whether the Arms studio will opt for renewing or canceling the show.

The first time the series was aired was back in January 2015. The storyline of the show revolves around Asano Shinichiro who finds a job as a housekeeper due to the lack of money. He starts working at the house of one of his classmates which he finds in horrible condition. One day, while cleaning, he accidentally smashes a vessel which keeps a monster enclosed for very long time.

Soon, the real truth about the girl whom he worked for started to come out in the open. This moment is when the life of Asano takes an entirely different turn when he starts dealing with monsters as well as clashes with his employer.


This series is the representative of a harem comedy, which almost always has the protagonist surrounded by many female characters. The center of the series then becomes his relationship with these girls, which evolves as the series progresses. Apart from that, there is also the omnipresent fight with monsters mentioned above as well as constant issues in school. The combination of these topics and ongoings can’t saturate the audience.

If we take into consideration all of this information, we can only hope that there are hardly any chances for the series to be canceled. Another reason for us to think so is that Masashi Suzuki has lots of lovely comedies behind him. Also, we could pride in Akira Iwanaga, for he has shown an exquisite talent while bringing mystery and turnover into his previous work.

For the time being there is no further information regarding the release date of the series’ second season, but having that the audience is eager to see its next installment, let’s hope that producers will make an effort into making it happen.