Another Dallas Cowboys’ Rival Getting Stronger

After New York Giants had added Brandon Marshall and Philadelphia Eagles added Alshon Jeffery, the Dallas Cowboys have been put on notice and they need to act quickly and have a plan to improve their defense. These are their divisional rivals that they play twice a year and that are battling them for a divisional title and the spot in the Postseason.

Two out of the three teams that are in the division with the Dallas Cowboys have made some drastic improvements on the offensive side of the ball. Well, two out of three before yesterday. Now, it is three out of three as the Washington Redskins also got stronger on the offensive side of the ball. Kirk Cousins got some help.

Terrelle Pryor was with the Cleveland Browns last year, and he has been playing very well for that team. There is no doubt that he has been their best player on the offensive side of the ball as he was able to catch a lot of passes from many different quarterbacks, while also being able to run the ball a bit as well as throw it on a couple of occasions. He is a valuable player for every team as he can be used in many different ways.

Now, he is going to spend one year with the Washington Redskins, battling with the Dallas Cowboys for the divisional title. He has bet on himself by signing a one-year deal worth eight million dollars. If he plays well, he is going to get an even bigger deal next year. If not, well, he will wish that he had signed a long-term deal instead of this one-year agreement.