Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans – Week 15 Picks And Predictions


Jacksonville Jaguars are dangerously close to the worst teams in the NFL. They just keep losing and regressing from last season and not building on what they already had last year. Blake Bortles and this offense have been one of the biggest disappointments of the season so far. It’s likely that this will remain the case in the last three rounds.

Texans got the big win in Indy, and now they are in the driver’s seat to win the division. Titans have come out of nowhere to remain tied with the Texans at the top, but they need Houston to slip up and lose in order for them to elevate to the first spot.

Houston can’t afford to do that, especially against the squad like Jacksonville that should never beat them at this stage of the season given the team’s record and what they are playing for.

Jags defense is for sure one of the worst in the league. Texans offense has struggled in the past couple of weeks. For those kinds of teams, it’s always good when they are facing a squad like the Jags as they can get back on track and gain confidence for the future duels.


Houston needs to win this game. Jags are not in their league right now, and that tells us more about how awful Jaguars are than just how good the Texans are. We are picking Houston to finish as victors at home and make one more step on their road to the postseason. The final score should be somewhere along the lines of 28:17.