Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals – Week 15 Picks And Predictions


Steelers faced the Bills in Buffalo past Sunday. It was a game that they could have lost and some people even picked the Bills to knock them off as the Steelers were playing on the road. That didn’t happen as Le’Veon Bell had a great day allowing Steelers to take full control early and never looked back or gave it away.

Bengals avoided losing to the Browns. We say it like that because clearly, nobody wants to be known as the squad that gave Cleveland its first win. Still, the Bengals are pretty banged up at this point of the season. They are also out of the Playoff picture and won’t battle for remaining spots in these last three rounds of the regular season.

Steelers schedule is much easier than what the Ravens’ have going forward, and it also helps that their final meeting will be in Pittsburgh. Steelers also have the advantage on the Ravens after Baltimore lost in New England, but that matchup will still be the deciding one. For now, the Steelers offense needs to focus on the Bengals and to get the job done in Cincy.


In their first matchup, the Steelers were successful in defeating the Bengals, and that was when they had all of their main guys healthy. Now, that is not the case, and we see no reason for the result to be different this time around.

Steelers are just a better team right now. Their offense is their trademark while this Bengals defense has underachieved this year. It’s a formula for disaster for the Bengals in this duel. The Steelers will win, something around 30:21 should be the final score.