Jason Witten says it wasn’t a complete surprise Tony Romo decided to retire!


Everybody probably followed the latest happenings that revolved around Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, and you all know that it resolved in Romo retiring and starting to pursue a career in broadcasting for CBS. This development wasn’t a big surprise to the Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, who sent a heartfelt message to Romo over Twitter as soon as Romo’s retirement decision went public.

According to Witten “This message was just from my heart. I felt like he deserved that. That was something that I wanted to honor him with. You never know how it’s going to play out.” Witten also added that “He had a great career, and what he was able to accomplish coming in as an undrafted player and to play at that level for so long was an unbelievable experience for him and really for all of us to be a part of that. What a great opportunity to be able to go to the booth and … work with Jim (Nantz), and I know he’s excited for the next chapter and the challenges that presents. I think he’ll do a great job transitioning into the broadcast booth.”

As you probably are aware by now, Witten spent his Wednesday morning in North Arlington where he helped 200 volunteers build a new playground at Texas Leadership Charter Academy which is supposed to offer a safer playing zone for more than 700 children in the community. This playground will primarily serve the Charter school, and it will be available for students to use but it will also be available for use by the YMCA for after-school programs. It is also important to note that Target and KaBOOM have partnered up in order to see this project to its end.

In the end, if it wasn’t visible from the message Witten wrote to Romo, we must say that these two had a great run together and they formed a truly strong bond ever since they entered the league together in 2003. That is why Witten has only words of praise for Romo, and he says he is truly excited for him. “It’s going to be a transition for him,” Witten said and added “If anybody has ever been around him, he can critique and self-evaluate. He has an infectious way about him, his personality that I think he’ll make that transition and he’ll do really well in it. I know he’s excited for that and he has Jim Nantz as a great partner and a guy he can learn from. I think he has a bright future there. I just hope that when he calls our games he doesn’t give away all of our secrets.”

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