Ford Bronco will make a comeback, but will it rule again?


The cat is out of the box with this news, and everyone out there knows that the SUV king will make its comeback, but there is also a legitimate question on everyone’s lips – will it be as good as it was and can it regain its rightful throne? Why is this a concern? Well, if the car industry has taught us anything, it’s to be careful when nostalgic brand models are making a return. Some of the failed projects like that are the Plymouth Prowler, the Chrysler PT Cruiser, or the Chevy HH2 which, if you recall, were introduced with a lot of fuss but they, unfortunately, failed to impress on so many levels. Will this be the case with Ford Bronco?

Ford, as well the fans of this iconic SUV, are doing a heck of a job announcing its comeback and bringing up the hype about it, but if Bronco doesn’t live up to, what are now, very high expectations Blue Oval carmaker could potentially have a lot of problems. If it turns out to be as good as, or even better than it used to be than the whole world as well as every automaker that has its model in the already heavily crowded CUV/SUV segment might stand on the side and witness the biggest and baddest come back the auto industry ever saw.

One thing that goes in Bronco’s favor is the market shift that is happening lately where you have a lot more demand for CUVs that offer the buyer everything (cost and feel especially) from the standard four-door car but on a slightly taller platform. Thanks to that change you now have a lot more buyers, who were expected to enter the sedan market, going to the SUV and CUV segment.

Ford wouldn’t be what they are now if they didn’t see this as a right time to make an entrance to the said market with something new (old). The US company probably expects that the Bronco will possibly delay the sales of other vehicles in this segment because the buyers will most likely decide to putt off any purchases until they actually see and feel the Bronco. But how exactly do you make someone putt off the purchase of something he has his mind set to and get him/her to wait for a vehicle that will be offered in couple years? This is the problem Ford will have to tackle and beat, and they just might do it with constant communication, engagement and continuous reminders that show the value of making a decision today.

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