Top 3 Wrestlers With Singles Potential In A Tag Team

A tag team is always a good learning curve for some wrestlers before they become singles stars. Everybody is dreaming about becoming a WWE champion, but sometimes, you need to start from the beginning and build yourself up through tag team wrestling first. There are some guys that are in tag teams today that have big singles potential, and we are here to count them down.

3) Cesaro – The company really never gave Cesaro that true push in the singles competition that the Swiss Superman clearly deserves. He is one of the most talented wrestlers that the organization has at their disposal right now, he is big with the fans as he’s been over with them for God knows how long while also being a superstar that crowd wants to cheer for.

2) Big Cass – The way WWE is booking Enzo Amore, you can clearLy see that he is not going to go far in the WWE. On the other hand, Vince is high on Big Cass with only being a matter of time before he gets a big singles push, probably in the aftermath of turning heel on Enzo at some point down the line. But for now, these guys will stay a team.

1) Jeff Hardy – Vince loves what he has been seeing from Hardy ever since Team Extreme made their return to the WWE a couple of weeks ago at Wrestlemania. The fans clearly are still behind this guys as he is one of the most liked stars ever in the history of the WWE. There are reports that big push is waiting for him, so it seems that things are looking good for the Charismatic Enigma right now. Hardy will likely be in the main event picture as soon as him and, probably, broken Matt Hardy split up later in the year.