Jason Witten’s Phenomenal Catch Just Shows How Dominant Cowboys Offense Was

Source: cowboyswire.usatoday.com

When it comes to Dallas Cowboys, we are used to seeing crazy catches done by Dez Bryant, but this time it was Jason Witten with his incredible one hand catch in the match against San Francisco. To be honest, we did saw Dez magic but the catch of the game this time goes to Witten, on top of that, this one could be characterized as the best one of this season.

The result of 40-10 and a pretty easy victory for Dallas shows that everything worked well for the team and that they performed at an exceptional level. We saw many great plays, more than a few extraordinary actions but what 35-years-old tight end did on that 18-yard TD catch was unbelievable. Perfect pass from Dak and great positioning of Witten was enough for a 20-3 lead of the visiting team early in the second quarter.

“Usually, those one-handers are the other guys, but on that one it was good to get the touchdown and get in the end zone,” Witten said and continued by adding: “You have to use your body and size and shield him off. Coach Linehan talks about it all the time — use your play strength on an undersized guy. It was a really good throw by Dak.”

With this TD, Witten has reached a total of 66 receiving touchdowns which gets him to the third position in the franchise history in front of Michael Irvin. Only two players are currently in front of him are Bob Hayes and Dez Bryant. This was yet another move that proved Witten’s place at the top of the league when it comes to his position, and against 49ers he had four catches for a total of 54 yards.

Even the San Francisco cornerback, Jaquiski Tartt was all over Witten in that attack he managed to find a solution and catch that ball while holding back off an opponent. One of the players that also praised this move was Dak Prescott who said: “It was just a great route, for one, by Witten and then a great job with letting the ball kind of fall. I think that is an underrated trait of not necessarily going back and not going to early, not going back to the ball, but trusting it and letting it fall and using his body and he did a great job on that.”