Jeep just teased us with two 2017 Easter Safari Concepts

As you are probably aware, the annual Jeep Easter Safari is closing to Moab, and it is happening in just a few weeks time. To prepare for this Jeep has, in association with Mopar, tested their first two (of many) concepts that have been tuned for this journey. First of those is the Jeep Switchback.

Jeep decided to tease us with only one image that actually doesn’t show that much, but one thing is clear, and that is that the Switchback will use the Wrangler as its base. What is almost certain is that it will, like all other Easter Safari concepts before it, come packed with God knows how many unique cues that you normally can’t get at your local dealership (unfortunately). This concept has three distinguished features, and they will be open-air design, larger tires, and a roof rack.

As we managed to find out the Quicksand will, like Switchback, use Wrangler as a base for all that improvements. The image of the Quicksand also doesn’t share that much, but it seems to copy the Switchback’s open-air styling and larger wheels and tires. What is particularly sad is that we did not manage to find any info regarding the engine or the power output, but we are optimistic that Jeep will share that information as the time comes closer to the annual Easter Safari.

These two vehicles will continue a long lineage of Easter Safari vehicles curated by Jeep and Mopar. The fact that they will be really cool is guaranteed with what we saw during the last year when we got some great vehicles like the FC150, the Comanche, the Shortcut, and even the Hellcat-powered Trailcat.

One more piece of info regarding the whereabouts and date of this year’s Easter Safari. According to reports, it is taking place in Moab, Utah, from April 8-16, 2017. Jeep will definitely reveal more of its concepts later this week so stay tuned if you don’t want to miss on anything.