Prison School – Season 2 Release Date Delayed


One of the very popular anime series – Prison School Season 1 ended, and there hasn’t been any word whether and when there would be Season 2. Namely, the latest reports on the renewal of the TV series for another season say that the release date of it has been delayed.

Tsutomu Mizushima is the series’ director, and he said a few words on this topic. Namely, he used his Twitter account to give away some clues on the sequel of the anime series. It all started when Naoyuki Uchida, a famous author, posted on Twitter how brilliant the first season of Prison School was, for which he praised Tsutomu and on that occasion asked him what the possible release date of the second season might be.

Judging by the way Mizushima tweeted back via his account, the release date of the upcoming Season 2 will be pushed further. According to Youth Health Magazine, he said that even if he wanted to produce the second season, it wouldn’t be possible.


On the other hand, rumor has it that Prison School Season 2 will come back sometime soon after the great success of the manga version. Nonetheless, these are only speculations.

Other speculations suggest that the director is involved in the creation of another anime series Shirobako and that the real reason for the delay is actually this one. Moreover, Tsutomu seems to have quite busy schedule for the next few years, which probably means that Prison School will be delayed until further notice.

As far as its plot is concerned, Season 2 could revolve around the adventures of Kiyoshi Fujino at the boarding school. Some say that Kiyoshi is to reveal all the dark secrets of the student council. Apart from that, Fujino might have to fight with the Shadow student council so as to destroy their malevolent plans for the girls at school. According to My Anime List, the series is based on an all-girls boarding school in Tokyo – Hachimitsu Private Academy.