Jeep Wrangler Fleet Caught on Camera! Soft Top Models Included!

Oh, what a day! We believe that our readers enjoy looking at spy shots and we always try to be the first ones out there to publish them as soon as we can. Car lovers are usually happy with a single shot of a highly-anticipated vehicle, and we are too, but this time around we present to you a set of photos of an entire row of new Jeep Wranglers. Among those models, we also found soft-top ones in both two-door and four-door trims. According to some rumors Jeep allegedly dropped the traditional soft top on the new Wrangler and reports suggest that it would be replaced by removable hardtops. Well, we have photos that say otherwise. We can’t really rebuke those rumors but take a look at these images yourself, and you’ll see.

We also stumbled upon the Euro-spec Wrangler in this set, and we recognized it because it differs in lighting and trim. On the left below you’ll find a Euro-spec diesel, and on the right, you’ll see a North American Rubicon version. Pay special attention to bumpers and tail lights.

We noticed Euro-spec diesel Wranglers in two-door and four-door Unlimited Rubicon trim which are teamed with North American-spec Wranglers in two-door Rubicon soft-top trim, an Unlimited Rubicon soft top, and an Unlimited Sahara soft top. This occasion was pretty rare considering that these vehicles were all parked alongside each other and it was a great chance for taking some shots of the various roof designs.

When it comes to powertrain choices, we expect a Pentastar V6 with an eight speed automatic as the primary option. There will also be a 2.0-liter four cylinder and a 3.0-liter diesel V6 variation. There has been some talk about a hybrid Wrangler, but we still have no official confirmation.

We expect these Wranglers to hit streets in a few months, but they’ll most likely have their debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. We also expect the four-door Unlimited models to go on sale before the end of the year while the two-door versions to enter the production in the first quarter of 2018.