NFL vs. Ezekiel Elliott – What’s Next? Will He Play Against the Broncos?


The way things stand right now, the battle NFL vs. Elliott has just started. Both parties have their claims and are not backing down an inch. The first ruling of the NFL investigation team was that Cowboys star running back was guilty in a case of domestic violence. The punishment was established earlier for cases like this, and it was a six-games suspension. Both Dallas Cowboys and Ezekiel had a thing or two to say on this, and after their and NFLPA appeal he was granted an injunction.

This calling meant that he was allowed to play in the season opening against Giants, and in any other game until the official ruling in this case. The league appealed the decision of the Judge Amos Mazzant who granted Elliott with an injunction and asked him to revoke his decision so that the six-game ban instituted by the league could be implemented. As the chances are slim for the named judge to overturn his own decision, NFL threatens to take this to the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.


Their plan consists of making the process faster and that any judgment made could be put in motion during 2017 season. Sources from the press are taking parallels with Tom Brady’s Deflategate case. During Brady case, he received an injunction, played entire 2015 season and served his four-game ban at the start of 2016. NFL is trying to avoid this scenario and is adamant that they want for Ezekiel Elliott to serve his ban during this season.

While the appeals from both sides are circling the courts, no decision will be made until Friday. This consequently means that Zeke will be able to take the field against the Broncos. At first sight, this sounds like good news for the Dallas Cowboys, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be that way. With leagues persistent hunt for the Cowboys RB, they just might get what they want. In that case, if the penalty is served during this year Elliott might just miss the last six games of the season, which could be proved fatal for Cowboys Super Bowl run.

What do you say, will Ezekiel Elliot going to miss any games this season, during the next one, or will he be suspended at all?