Mercedes Unveils New $2.7 Million Supercar!


Imagine buying a hybrid supercar from Mercedes-Benz that can make over 1,000 hp and has a top speed of more than 200 miles per hour? You’ll probably be able to do that in the near future. Well, if you had $3 million at your disposal that is. Another important thing is the reservation. You could own one, but unfortunately, all 275 that will be produced have already been sold. And there goes our dream of owning a hybrid supercar made by this company.

German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, unveiled in Germany its Mercedes-AMG Project One just ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show. Before we move on, we have to say that for the time being this remains a concept car. However, we were promised that a production version will be introduced in the near future. And the other thing they promised was that there will only be 275 models produced.

This hybrid two-seat supercar found its basis in modern Formula 1 race cars.

Mercedes board member Ola Kallenius stated in his interviews that “Our[company’s] highly efficient hybrid assembly stems from motor racing and the electrically powered front axle generates a fascinating mixture of performance and efficiency.” He added: “With a system output of over 1,000 horsepower and a top speed beyond 217 mph this hypercar handles exactly as it looks: it takes your breath away.”

This beast is a result of great engineering coming from Mercedes’ AMG kitchen. The vehicle features a small 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engine paired to four electric motors.

When it comes to responsibilities of these motors, one is used to spin the car’s turbocharger, the other is connected directly to the engine and the remaining two drive front wheels.

Most vehicles turbochargers function like this – turbochargers are spun by pressure coming from the engine’s exhaust. The spinning compressor of the turbine on the other side pushes air into the engine which makes it produce more power. Featured in the Project One, a 120 hp electric motor can, if needed, aid spinning the turbines which result in a faster response.

Behind the car’s two seats we find the V6 powerplant that can run at up to 11,000 revolutions per minute. That is much faster than an engine in a typical passenger car. It produces power while being assisted by a 161 hp electric motor.

The remaining two electric motors also produce 161 hp each, and they are in charge of the front wheels. Generated power is then distributed separately to each front wheel, and that allows different amounts of power to be sent to each wheel. What does that mean? Well, that means better handling in fast curves. For example, more power can be delivered to the outside wheel that has more grip and tends to spin faster than the inside one.

The gasoline engine is in charge of the rear pair of wheels, and it is connected to an eight-speed transmission.

Something over 217 mph is what the top speed of this car will most likely be according to the company. It will be able to reach 125 miles per hour from a standstill in about six seconds which is mind boggling. Remember, typical passenger sedan can only get to 60 miles per hour in that time.

This hybrid supercar will be able to drive on the electric power alone for about 16 miles before it goes back to power generated by the gasoline engine. It will run like a hybrid at that point switching between gasoline power and electricity stored up while braking and coasting. Various driving modes will be available to the driver in which the vehicle will operate either very efficiently or for maximum performance.

As we have said this was only the concept while the production version is still under development and the company still has no info on the delivery date of the reserved (already sold out) $2.7 million vehicles. You’ve probably realized by now that you won’t be owning this beast anytime soon, but we might have a word of condolence for you. The technology used for the development of the Project One will be employed for other Mercedes cars in future. So technically you will be able to own at least a little part of ‘the Project One’ one day.