Jeff Hardy Out For A Long Time After Surgery


The biggest return of the year was delivered by the Hardy Boys at the Wrestlemania 33. They entered the triple threat match for the tag team titles and made if a fatal four-way. When they showed up at the ramp, the crowd went nuts for them. They were amazed by the fact that Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy made their comeback after being out for almost seven years.

Yes, they have become just a nostalgia act as the Team Extreme. The original plan was for them to be Broken on the main roster, but GFW didn’t want to give up those rights to that gimmick. Now, Matt Hardy is going to be stuck in the land of nowhere, without his gimmick and without his tag partner. Is he going to become “Awoken?” Will WWE finally pull that trigger after many weeks of those rumors swirling around?

Let theHealing begin! . . ! 10-3-2017

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As far as Jeff Hardy is concerned, he is going to be out for around six months following his shoulder surgery. He is also going to have a procedure to repair his torn labrum which is, therefore, going to slow down the rehab process of his shoulder.

Who knows what situation on Monday Night Raw is Jeff Hardy going to find when he comes back. There were reports that Vince wants to make him a singles star and to push him in the upper mid-card scene or even the main event scene on the red brand. If Matt becomes “Broken” or “Awoken,” that is for sure going to happen for Jeff Hardy, a former World Champion and still one of the most popular superstars on the roster.