Citroen Revolte Concept: Let’s take a closer look!

A Little purple thing of beauty that loves the environment. That’s exactly what Citroen plans to make in future.

Revolte concept was presented at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009 by Citroen. Many claim that this vehicle results from a mixture of Volt and E due to the electric-hybrid powertrain. Back in 2009 when it was unveiled people immediately noticed how it was inspired by the 2CV because of its retro vibe. French carmaker representative said: ‘We reviewed every aspect of the legendary 2CV to create the Revolte’s own distinctive, contemporary look.’

As we have already said, this car is purple. Why is that? According to Citroen, the company decided to mix a bit of luxury with a bit of ‘sassy’ and that’s how they came up with this color. They were all against the ‘conventional car styling.’ Instead of making a car like 2CV that was ‘plain and neutral’ the Revolte is colorful and premium. We have to admit that we liked it very much and we loved it, even more, when we found out that it measures in at just 3.68 meters and is 1.73 meters wide and 1.35 meters tall. Its sides are sculpted, and it has many curves, so it’s definitely ‘sassy.’

What caught, even more, attention besides its interesting color was the front end. The grille features air vents shaped like eyebrows, and it also has slender headlights that are separated by the Citroen badging. Doesn’t that look like a face? It sure does to us. Imagine taking a selfie with it. Pretty cool.

Another thing that was quite groundbreaking with this vehicle is its cabin. This car is a three-seater that kind of resembles a McLaren F1 with front-hinged front doors and rear-hinged rear doors. Instead of using the common ‘lounge feeling’ expression to describe the seating Citroen rather opted for a ‘contemporary meridian sofa.’ That refers specifically to seats in the back.

When it comes to equipment, the car features woven black leather, thick crimson velvet, and aluminum, along with a crystal-studded touch screen. The company took into regard that ‘premium’ touch to the interior and used that to say how the Revolte is ‘a fashionable, glamorous and clearly feminine accessory to the driver’s modern lifestyle.’ We aren’t just yet sure what’s Revolte’s target audience.

Power-wise this one is no muscle car. Not at all. The company described its powertrain as a plug-in hybrid with a small capacity gas engine and electric motor. However, they also promised that it would be able to run in full-electric, zero-emissions mode. Only they didn’t say for how long… They mentioned that its roof has solar cells that are supposedly there as an extra source of power used for onboard systems so as to reduce the battery pack’s load.

The Revolte was said to have a folding roof. Yes, even though it is supposed to have a folding roof it is supposed to have those solar cells on it. The roof resembles that of the Fiat 500.