WWE Hell In A Cell 5 Amazing Matches

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If you are a wrestling fan, you got to love Hell in a Cell matches. You simply have to. There is no other option. Wrestlers are fighting in a cage with a roof on it. In 1997, a man named Jim Cornette created this type of cell with the intention for the battle to be completely brutal. It marked the perfect way to end a blood feud between the rivals. Soon enough Hell in a Cell matches have been a pleasure for the fans, and they differed a lot from the regular fights. Over the years, the fans have had a chance to watch 36 Hell in a Cell fights, but we have selected the top five! Of course, tastes differ and what we consider to be the best Hell in a Cell match, doesn’t have to mean that it is on your top-five list.

Before we start, we just want to mention that only the fights announced as Hell in a Cell matches will be considered, so every time the cage lowered down in the middle of a Raw main event, well, we are not going to discuss it. Sorry. Here we go.

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Undertaker Vs. Batista – Survivor Series 2007 – World Heavyweight Championship Match

The rivalry between Batista and Undertaker has been phenomenal, and we have seen the two fight as if there is no tomorrow. Rarely have WWE fans had a chance to see such strong wrestlers going at it, but at one point, their feud escalated, so they took a trip to the Hell in a Cell.

They brought the best out of each other. It was a real treat for the fans, especially when Undertaker slammed Batista’s throat into the top of the chair and blood spewed from his mouth. They fought an even match, but Undertaker came with the victory. Wait, not so fast! One of the cameramen was Edge who hit Undertaker with the camera and took Batista’s arm over him whereas the ref was forced to count. Batista came with the win, whereas Undertaker – Edge feud started.

Batista Vs. Triple H – Vengeance 2005 – World Heavyweight Championship Match

Batista’s another rivalry was with Triple H. The whole feud was madness, and they also fought in Hell in a Cell. They were going at it with chains with the odds changing by the minute. Triple H even used his sledgehammer, but Batista would take the sledgehammer from him. However, Batista prevailed when he took the hammer and hit Triple H as he was going for something off the top rope.

This match had one of the best endings as exhausted Triple H grabbed the sledgehammer while Batista picked him up for the Batista Bomb. Triple H tried to resist and do the Hail Mary, but Batista pinned him.

Undertaker Vs. Edge – SummerSlam 2008

We have explained how this feud started, but the good thing is that it ended in a Hell in a Cell match. Edge may have been smaller than Undertaker, but he used his wits and motivation to beat him while he was seen as a coward by fans and media. At one point the cage broke open, but that was not the highlight of the duel.

The ending was just fantastic, and those people who watched the fight live must have enjoyed. After Undertaker threw Edge through two tables, he speared him and delivered a Conchairto. He wanted revenge, and he hasn’t forgotten what Edge did to him, so he ‘ended’ with a Tombstone and a pin. But that was not all. Undertaker threw Edge through the ring which exploded and caught fire.

Undertaker Vs. Shawn Michaels – In Your House: Bad Blood 1997 – Winner is No.1 Contender for the WWF Championship

Since Shawn Michaels got help from Triple H and Chyna all the time, he was about to go against one of the most vicious wrestlers in Hell in a Cell match – Undertaker. We have seen Michaels thrown around the ring as a puppet, even though he tried to use his strengths to beat Undertaker. Undertaker was merciless, and he knocked Michaels to the announce tables below.

Suddenly, Vince McMahon shouted: “That’s gotta be Kane!” Kane arrived and tore the door off the hinges beating his brother, while Michaels crawled to finish the match. It was planned for this to end a feud, but it continued for one additional fight.

Cactus Jack Vs. Triple H – No Way Out 2000 – WWF Championship Match

When Cactus Jack fought Triple H in Hell in a Cell match he had a lot to lose – In case he was defeated, he had to retire. So, he put on a show. There was climbing up the cage, steel steps throwing, announcer table madness, etc. Cactus Jack was trying to defeat Triple H with his weapon he set on fire, and as they were fighting on top of the cage, Triple H knocked him down, and Jack fell inside the ring, creating a crater.

Triple H got scared, so he asked the ref to check up on Cactus Jack who fought for a little longer but received a Pedigree from Triple H, and that was it. Even though he returned several times after that, a fight with Triple H in Hell in a Cell was a great way to end his career.