Jerry Jones Comfortable With Dak Prescott Now That Romo Is Gone

A year ago today, Dak Prescott was just a rookie quarterback that was glad to be on the roster after being drafted in the fourth round of the NFL Draft. He was getting ready to learn the game from one of the best QBs in the league, Tony Romo. Prescott was supposed to be the backup to him, try to collect as much knowledge about the game behind Romo and maybe one day become the quarterback of this franchise.

He had no idea that the day all that happens would come as quickly as it did. Romo got hurt in the preseason, and Dak Prescott had to step in right away and replace him. Truth be told, Prescott had a good showing in the preseason and many were excited to see him play in the games that matter. The first game was good, but the Cowboys lost.

After that, it only went upwards for the young signal caller. He proved that he should be the QB of this team after only a couple of games. The Cowboys really didn’t know what to do with the QB situation as Dak Prescott continued to shine and give them more reasons to keep him in the starting lineup. Jones was skeptical, so it was Romo who said he should remain the starter. Now, the owner of the team is much more comfortable with Dak Prescott behind the center.


“I’m a lot more comfortable than I ever thought I’d be. This time last year and beyond, not having Romo…that has everything to do with the year Dak had. More importantly, the way Dak is approaching this year. We have a really good feeling about Dak. All of that makes this a lot more palatable and comfortable than I ever thought I’d be not having Romo on the team.”