Will there be Deadpool 2 & The X-Men on this year’s NYCC?


Most of you probably know by now that 20th Century Fox dedicated their entire San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Hall H panel to this fall’s Kingsman The Golden Circle, but what is interesting is that there is no mentioning of the upcoming X-Men slate. As we all know the studio is set to release three films in their comic book based franchise: New Mutants, Deadpool 2, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

The lack of any X-Men content from the presentation left a lot of fans wondering what exactly is happening and when does Fox actually plan to start marketing for their 2018 movies. If you recall, back in 2015, Fox pretty much made one heck of a panel for the original Deadpool, and that is why many fans believed that it will be the case this year as well. This was strongly supported by the fact that the sequel is already in production since June, and thanks to that they would not have a lack of content to show.

Surprisingly, the first day went by, and there was not a peep out about any updates on any of the three X-Men films. This was a huge surprise and blow to the most loyal of the fans who expected to see at least what is in store for the future of the franchise. But we try to ease some of those emotions down and remind you that Fox’s silence on this matter might be justified since there is another major pop culture convention right around the corner this fall.

The Deadpool 2 was probably the only exception, but it is definitely too early for any kind of major mutant push in San Diego. You all are aware that New Mutants only started filming last week while Dark Phoenix just began shooting recently. Most of you probably think that a very short teaser is very easy to set up, but that is not always the case. The typical thing in these cases is if you want a good quality trailer or teaser the main photography must be either well underway or even better wrapped before the filmmakers can bring it to a convention. What supports this is the fact that Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn was unable to attend the Golden Circle panel because he is in the process of completing post-production. This only shows the amount of time and responsibilities these things ask for.


One more explanation for why the Fox decided to step back at San Diego and let the Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios take the helm is because they are probably setting up for a massive takeover at New York Comic-Con which takes place from 5th to 8th of October. Currently, a full list of panels and guests has not been finalized and confirmed yet, but Fox seems to be in a perfect position to be the biggest studio in the Big Apple, dropping footage and other content from not just X-Men, but also Shane Black’s The Predator. Thanks to that fact, Fox really does not have to worry about DC Extended Universe or Marvel Cinematic Universe overshadowing them, and that is great news.

We understand that a lot of fans left the San Diego Comic-Con disappointed and unhappy especially after the Fox panel was initially advertised in the program guide as “20th Century Fox” just to be later switched to Kingsman, but hey we all must be aware that Fox actually tracks the business sense of things everywhere. There is still time until 2018’s X-Men films start reaching theaters (yes it could have been nice if we had a piece of info or a trailer glimpse now, but…) which is the reason San Diego was too early to roll anything out, but the Big Apple promises a lot so prepare yourself, it should be a blast!

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